Current news is on our front page; collected here is everything that's been there since we became UCPO. Even older news and the oldest news of all can be found on the preserved WCSO website.

Hello UCPOites and UCPOites to be! Rehearsals are starting up again tonight - we hope to see you in St Giles' Church at half 7. No auditions, just turn up, and bring a music stand and pencil if you have them! There'll be plenty of tasty biscuits in the break, and we'll very likely go to the pub afterwards. Also, not a problem if you're busy this week, do just turn up when you can : )
Afternoon all! Just a quick note to say that bookings for the Annual Dinner are now open! Thursday 5th March in Corpus Christi College. Booking form is here!
Happy New Year, and new term everyone! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, whether old, new, or somewhere inbetween! Half 7 in St Giles'. See you there : )
Good afternoon one and all! This is primarily a note to let you all know about the new format of our Baby rehearsals this year :) We're planning on having just 3 rehearsals before each concert, and we are hoping that attendance rates will be better this way! Baby has one per part in the wind section, so if you'd like to sign yourself up (rehearsal information for Michaelmas), please do let our glorious chair know! If you're an interested string player, you are of course welcome to just turn up, but it will make planning a lot easier if you also drop us a quick e-mail. Have a lovely weekend!
Hello hello, and welcome in particular to any incoming Freshers browsing the site : ) We'll be at the Freshers' Fair on the 7th and 8th October at Kelsey Kerridge - do come along and say hi! Our first Main rehearsal will be on the 8th, and everyone is welcome. We are a fun and friendly non-audition orchestra, for all abilities, ages, sizes and types of people. If you pets can play the flute, we'll take them too. First Baby rehearsal date is to be confirmed, but if you're a wind player and are interseted to play in the chamber group, please do e-mail the chair and register your interest, as we limit numbers there. Rehearsal schedules and concert details are to follow shortly! Enjoy the rest of your holidays!
Morning! We're pleased to announce that UCPO is now offering opportunities for both concerto soloists and conductors for the 2014/2015 academic year. UCPO and its sister orchestra, the University of Cambridge Philharmonia, are non-audition ensembles that consist of a mixture of both students and non-students and perform 5 concerts a year, showcasing a wide range of repertoire.

Auditions for soloists and interviews for potential conductors will take place on the weekend of the 26-27 April in the Old Labs, Newnham College.

We welcome both instrumental soloists and vocal soloists to apply. Applicants should send a musical CV and a list of potential concertos they are willing to offer, and prepare a piece or an extract lasting no longer than 10 mins. There will be a piano available and you may bring an accompanist if you wish, but this is not necessary. N.B. The piece performed for the audition does not have to be one offered for the eventual concerto.

Conductors should send a CV with their application listing their musical experience. They will be appointed on the basis of an interview and a further audition in front of the orchestra.

All applications and enquiries should be sent to secretary@ucpo.org.uk by Monday 21st April.

Ohayou gozaimasu! A quick message to say there will be a stash order placed this term! Baby may or may not start again tomorrow; please keep your eyes on your e-mails, or the schedule page for more details. If you are an interested wind player, please e-mail Chris, as we have vacancies!

Happy belated new year, everyone! Hope you've had a lovely break, whether you managed to escape the bubble or not! We're looking forward to seeing everyone again, whether you're old or new or inbetween : ) First main rehearsal is this Wednesday (15th) at St.Giles' Church. Baby meets again the following Saturday (18th) in Queens' College Bowett Room. Wind players please get in touch with Chris the chair, and string players, please do just turn up! See you soon!


Salve, UCPOnauts!

This week we will be holding the conductor auditions; we want to make sure the right people are chosen, so please come along and get your thoughts down. Usual time to start, but please please try to be on time and ready to start playing at half past. Auditions are tightly scheduled, and we want to make it as fair as possible, whilst still leaving time for biscuits, Borodin, and pub!


Aloha, UCPOtarians!

This is a really small message to say welcome back, and see you at the rehearsal tonight. I am excited. I hope you are too!


Salut, UCPOites! Congratulations on an excellent term of playing - we have another two fantastic concerts under our collective belt. Here is the programme from the 14th March Baby concert, complete with question marks instead of full stops (no, I don't know either.) Enjoy, have a good Easter, and see you next term!


Ahoy, UCPOnians! Two things today. Firstly, applications for conductor and soloist auditions are now open.


We are recruiting for several conductors, who will be appointed on the basis of an interview and potential audition in front of the orchestra. Applicants should send a musical CV to the secretary by Friday 27th April.

Concerto Soloists:

We are recruiting for a number of soloists, who will be appointed on the basis of an interview and audition. We are interested in applications from soloists playing any instrument, or vocal soloists. Applicants should send a musical CV and a list of concertos they are prepared to offer to the secretary by Friday 27th April. For the audition, we will ask you to prepare a piece or extract from a piece lasting no longer than 10 minutes. This does not necessarily need to be the same as the piece offered for the eventual concerto. We regret we are unable to provide an accompanist for the auditions, although you may bring your own accompanist if you wish (a piano will be available).

Secondly, we are still preselling tickets for the Baby concert this Wednesday. Please e-mail tickets -@- ucpo.org.uk to get discounted advances! Hope to see you there : )


Goodest of mornings! A quick link - here is the programme from the concert on the 5th March : )


Woo! New committee! Stash order completed! Exciting concerts on the horizon! Tickets are available for reservation, and will be £1 cheaper compared to buying them on the door. I expect lots of e-mails to tickets[-at-]ucpo.org.uk : ) Please encourage lots of friends to buy tickets - it'd be great to have an audience even bigger than last time! We're also still after some first violins for the Baby concert - just turn up to the Saturday rehearsals if you are free and willing to play. À bientôt!


February has somehow managed to sneak up on me, and in UCPO City that means it's time for stash orders, and electing a new committee. Please e-mail any relevant people on the committee if you'd like to stand for a position, or would just like to find out a bit more about what we actually do. Or, pester us at the rehearsal tonight. Schedule pages are once again up to date - sorry for the delay this term in whipping them into shape!


Term is once again upon us, and we're looking forward to welcoming new members, and welcoming the old ones back : ) We've got an exciting line up of concerts this year, and both UCPO and Baby will run in Michaelmas term. The first main rehearsal is on Wednesday the 5th of October, and the first rehearsal for Baby is Saturday the 8th of October. Please e-mail the chair if you're a wind player who'd like to play for Baby (strings can just turn up!). We'll be at the Kelsey Kerridge Freshers' Fair on the 4th and 5th of October - please stop by and say hello! For more information on how to join, please see this page


Another mid-February, another new committee! Pictures and new details will be up shortly on the committee page..

Hoodie orders need to be in soon - cheques and details to Lizzie please!

This is also the last call for tickets to Annual Dinner, on the 4th of March at Churchill College. Please reply to Amy if you haven't already done so!

Also coming soon: recordings and photos and posters and programmes and other shiny things from concerts of recent UCPO past..


Wow! This hasn't been updated in a looong time. So, we have two wonderful upcoming concerts, which tickets can now be prebooked for. Send an e-mail to tickets@ucpo.org.uk and reserve tickets for just £9/£4. Alternatively, they can be purchased on the door for £10/£5. We also have the AGM soon, and we're interested in hearing from *you* if you would like to know more about any of the positions! Please see the committee page for details of who to get in touch with :) Bye for now!


Nearly time for the new academic year, and so we extend a big friendly hello to prospective new members! We've got a brilliant set of concerts this year, and would love to meet you. Details of our concerts are here. The first main orchestra rehearsal is on Wednesday 6 October, and the first 'Baby' rehearsal on Saturday 9 October. Information about rehearsals is available on our schedule page, and information about joining, and about the CUSU Societies' Fair, is on our How to join page.


The University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra (UCPO) invites applications from conductors and soloists for the 2010/2011 academic year. We are a non-auditioned orchestra that tackles serious repertoire with an emphasis on enjoyment and musicality. We perform five concerts a year between our full and chamber orchestras, with weekly rehearsals during Full Term.

If you'd be interested in conducting us, please send a letter of application with a brief CV detailing any relevant experience to .

If you'd like to perform as a soloist with either of the orchestras, please write a letter of application to .

Candidates will be invited for a short interview on Sunday 2nd May. Soloists are requested to prepare a piece of up to ten minutes for audition.

Deadline for applications: Monday 26th April.


Following the AGM, a new committee has been elected. Yay! They are as follows:
Chair: Lizzie Ward
Treasurer: Cara Taylor
Secretary: Faye Dorey
Webmistress and publicity:
Danielle Ainsworth
Music officer: Christina Pettit
Membership secretary:
Caroline Atkins
Social secretary: Ben Davis
Venues secretary:
Richard Mifsud (Miffy)
Good luck and have fun. This is Spider Queen signing off! :-)


You are all warmly invited to the 2010 UCPO Annual Dinner! The dinner will be held at Newnham College on Saturday 20 February, starting at 8.00 p.m. Please RSVP to Mike McLean by Friday 12 February. Details are on our social page.

Also, the AGM is on Wednesday 10 February. Email Miffy if you'd like to be on the committee for the next year. Go on, you know you want to.


Welcome to the new academic year, especially to prospective new members! We have some exciting music to play, and lots of socialising to do. The first main orchestra rehearsal is on Wednesday 7 October, and the first 'Baby' rehearsal on Saturday 10 October. Information about rehearsals is available on our schedule page, and information about joining, and about the CUSU Societies' Fair, is on our How to join page.


Conductor appointments

UCPO is pleased to announce that our new conductor appointments for the 2009/10 academic year are:
William Norris
Mark Galtrey
Congratulations and welcome!


Conductor vacancies

We have vacancies for conductors for the academic year 2009-10. If you'd be interested in joining us as a conductor, please send your CV to rwm41[-at-]cam.ac.uk. Candidates may be invited for a short interview on Saturday 9 May, and invited to conduct the orchestra in a rehearsal on Wednesday 13 May.

Deadline for applications: 2 May 2009.


Soloist vacancies

Would you like to play a concerto with UCPO's main orchestra or chamber orchestra (Baby)? We have vacancies for soloists for the academic year 2009-10. If you're interested please write a letter of application to rwm41[-at-]cam.ac.uk. Candidates may be invited for an audition and interview on Saturday 2 May.

Deadline for applications: Saturday 25 April 2009.


Following last week's AGM, a new committee has been appointed! Yay! Details are on our committee page.


Happy (belated) new year!

Some dates for your diary:
UCPO AGM - Wednesday 4 February
Last date for stash orders - Wednesday 4 February
Annual dinner - Saturday 21 February
Baby concert - Saturday 28 February
Main concert - Monday 2 March

UCPO social! UCPO social! Monday 17 November, 6pm at the Live, then Curry Queen on Mill Road. Further details on our social page.

Great news! The email addresses to individual committee members and other addresses like the tickets address are now working again. Please feel free to use them.


Here we are again, ready for a new academic year. Welcome to all new members.

The first main rehearsal will be at 7.30 on Wednesday 8 October at St Giles Church, and the first Baby rehearsal will be on Saturday 11 October at 2pm at the Music Room at Murray Edwards College (New Hall). Directions are on the Baby page.

Concert details are on our concerts page for main, and the Baby page for, obviously, Baby.


Congratulations to all who played in the Easter term concert, especially to Lottie, who played the Vivaldi so beautifully. We had a sizeable and appreciative audience in lovely surroundings (photos here). Special thanks to the windy weather for making things a little difficult.

Our soloists and conductors for 2008/09 have been selected, and are as follows:
Conductors: Louisa Denby and James Henshaw (with Nik and Emily staying on).
Soloists: Simon Cooper (cello), Rowan Bell (violin), Sunil Manohar (piano), Kelvin Chan (piano) and Nik Myers (in an exciting self-directed bassoon concerto).

Welcome to the newcomers!

At the same time, we farewell Carlos and Sam (thanks for your involvement with UCPO) as well as Pedro (again!). All the best to you all.

See everyone else in October, unless we see you at a summer social function first!


The first rehearsal for Easter term 2008 will be at 7.30pm on Wednesday 23 April, at St Giles Church, which is here.


Congratulations to the main orchestra for putting on a wonderful show to a capacity audience in Trinity Chapel last night. For those people who missed out on a copy of the programme, you can download one here.


Once again, we have a new committee - welcome to those newcomers, and welcome back to those who love the committee too much to leave it (yet). Details are now on the committee page.

Both UCPO concerts are approaching with lightning speed - the Baby concert is at 7.30pm on Saturday 1 March at St Edward King and Martyr Church, Peas Hill - and the Main concert is at 8pm on Saturday 8 March at Trinity College Chapel. Please invite as many people as you can - they should both be great concerts.


Welcome to the 2007/08 academic year! We have wonderful UCPO and Baby plans this year, so we hope to see lots of happy and keen people at rehearsals, and especially at the pub.

The first rehearsal for UCPO will be 7.20pm at St Giles on Wednesday 3 October, followed by a trip to the Castle Inn. The first Baby rehearsal is planned for Saturday 13 October, probably at the Blythe Room in Clare Colony.

The UCPO concert will be Thursday 29 November.


The email addresses to [-at-]ucpo.org.uk are unfortunately broken at present, so please don't be surprised if you receive no reply. I will let you know when the problem has been fixed.


G'day from your new webmaster.

Congratulations to the new committee on their election - details (temporarily minus glamorous photos) are available on the committee page.

I have put the mp3 files from the last Baby concert onto the site (hurrah!), so thanks to John for providing them, and well done Baby for putting on such a fine concert. Enjoy!


Happy New Year to you all! The first rehearsal of term will be on Wednesday January 24th in Selwyn diamond as usual. The concert dates will be 2nd March for Main and 10th of March for Baby.


This term's concerts are rapidly approaching - the Baby concert is on November 18th in Trinity Chapel and will be a Beethoven Extravaganza of the Triple Concerto, Coriolan Overture and Symphony No. 3 'Eroica'. The main concert will be on Sunday 26th November in West Road, featuring Shostakovich Festival Overture, Dvorak New World Symphony and Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1


The summer is almost over (sniff), so it is almost time for the first UCPO rehearsal of the new year. This will be in Selwyn Diamond on Wednesday, October 4th , with the rehearsal kicking off at 7.20pm. This term's programme includes Shostakovich Festival Overture and Dvorak's New World Symphony. New members get a free drink at the first rehearsal - come and join us!


Well done to al those who played in last night's concert - it was fab :) In order to celebrate this, the UCPO garden party will be in Kings Fellows Garden at 2pm on Tuesday June 20th - the party may well move to Queens backs later in the day .....


For all of you who have asked about recordings of previous concerts - there are recordings of most of the recent concerts in my possession (Many thanks to John A) and I will endeavour to put them up on the web at some point soon once I can find some file space for them - when they are up I will let you know via the digest or the weekly e-mail, and of course will post the relevant link here.


This term's concert will be this Sunday (18th) in Trinity Chapel, starting at 7.30pm. Please come and support what should be a fab concert!


Please note that this week's rehearsal (31st May) will be in Churchill Chapel - leave an extra few minutes to get there on time as it's a long way from the p'lodge to the chapel!


In a stunning feat of orgainisation, you can now find this term's Rehearsal Schedules and Recordings of this terms music by clicking on the approriate links - aren't we good ;-)


This term's concert will be on June 18th (Suicide Sunday) in Trinity Chapel - put a note in your diaries now!


Congrats to all who played in both the Main and Baby concerts this term - both were fab. Recordings will be posted soon!

Next term's programme will include Chabrier Espana and Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 2 (Little Russian) - the first rehearsal will be on Wednesday 26th April - see you soon :-)


A reminder that the Baby concert is this Thursday in West Road - orchestra members can come for the special discount price of £4. It should be a fab concert so please come and support Baby!


This terms concerts will be on the following dates:

Main Monday 13th March, Trinity Chapel. Wagner, Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin, Weber, Clarinet Concerto no. 2 and Brahms Symphony no. 4.

Baby Thursday 9th March, West Road. Mozart, Adagio and Fugue in C minor, Haydn Cello Concerto in D, Mozart, Symphony no. 40

Further details and recordings of this terms music will be posted soon


Congratulations to the new committee, who were elected at the AGM this evening. The committee pages will be updated over the next week, so there'll be a new gallery of happy smiling faces to look at soon :-)


A warm welcome to any new members - come and join us at the first rehearsal on Wednesday, 5th October at 7:15pm in the Selwyn Diamond. Click here for a map.

Also note updated date/time/venue information for this term's concerts - see below for details.


The next UCPO concert will be on Sunday, 20th November in West Road Concert Hall, with works from Brahms, Schumann and Ravel. Full details here.

The next Baby concert will be on Friday, 25th November at 7:30pm, in the Emmanuel URC (opposite Pembroke); the programme will include Fauré, Sibelius, and Shostakovich. More details.


The next UCPO concert will be on Thursday, 16th June at 7:30pm in West Road, featuring works by Mussorgsky, Dvorak, and Wilshere. Full details available here.


Recordings of this term's music, for both the Baby and main concerts, are now available online for members (local access only).


For our Lent 2005 concert, on Friday 11th March, UCPO will be playing Brahms, Verdi and Saint-Saëns - full details here.

Baby, with a programme of Mozart, Schubert, Pärt and Ravel, will be performing on Sunday 6th March - full details here.



The next UCPO concert will be on Thursday, 16th June at 7:30pm in West Road, featuring works by Mussorgsky, Dvorak, and Wilshere. Full details available here.

Recordings of this term's music, for both the Baby and main concerts, are now available online for members (local access only).

For our Lent 2005 concert, on Friday 11th March, UCPO will be playing Brahms, Verdi and Saint-Saëns - full details here.

Baby, with a programme of Mozart, Schubert, Pärt and Ravel, will be performing on Sunday 6th March - full details here.


This Sunday's concert was a great success - one of our best yet, and to a packed West Road. Many thanks to everyone who played! Also, don't forget that this Saturday is the Baby concert of Mendelssohn, Glière and Beethoven in Sidney chapel.

For those who didn't get a copy before we ran out, Sunday's programme is now online.


Recordings of this term's music are now available for members online.


This term (Mich), UCPO will be playing Verdi, Schubert and Rachmaninov - concert details. Rehearsals start on Wednesday 6 October in the Selwyn Diamond; new students and anyone else wishing to join can turn up then, or come to our stall in the Freshers' Fair on Tuesday 5 or Wednesday 6. All will be welcomed!

Social events are also being planned.


Our May Week concert of Borodin, Gershwin and Walton will be on Friday 11 June in West Road - more. Rehearsals start today and will be in the Selwyn Diamond (map) for the first few weeks.

Recordings of last term's concert are now available.

There will be no Baby this term.


Our Lent term concert will be on Friday 12th March with a programme of Delius, Nielsen and Bruch. The UCP concert of Mozart, Bach and Schubert will be on Friday 27th Feb.

Rehearsals start next Wednesday (Jan 14) at the Diamond. UCPO tops (hoodies, t-shirts etc.) are also available this term - details here.


UCP is holding a concert this Saturday (16th), so do come along...

Recordings of this term's UCPO music are now available for members online - email the webmaster for the password


Details of this term's concerts are confirmed, with programmes including Beethoven, Sibelius and Rachmaninov.

New members are extremely welcome - we have a stall at the Freshers' Fair on the 7th and 8th, or just come along to a rehearsal or email the membership secretary.


This term's concert will take place on Thursday 12th June. Baby will also be putting on a Baroque concert in May Week and is still signing up string players.

Last term's concerts were a great success, with stunning performances in both and a sell-out audience for the Elgar/Rach!

Photos from the parties should be on-line soon!


A Baby social is planned for Saturday 1 March after the rehearsal, with a big meet at the Tandoori Palace.

This term's concerts will take place on Sunday 9th March at West Road (Baby - Beethoven 9 etc.) and Saturday 15th March at Jesus Chapel (UCPO - Rach 2 etc.).


Rehearsals are now underway - new members are still welcome (7:20pm, Weds, Selwyn Diamond).

A formal hall is provisionally planned for later this month, see the social page for details.

Recordings of this term's music are available for members, see here.

This term's concert will provisionally take place on the evening of the 29th November at Holy Trinity Church.


The old WCSO site is now being hosted at the Department of Psychiatry, unmaintained.


With the end of the Easter term, 'WCSO' is no more. The name change is complete, we are now the University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra.

This term's repertoire is listed here.


The Easter concert in Trinity College Chapel was a great success, as was the garden party

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