UCPO digest March 2006

Another month, another digest - OK so it's a couple of weeks late but I'm 
still hoping the novelty of having a digest at all hasn't worn off yet! In 
this exciting installment of the life of UCPO we have for you:
	(i)     Orchestra News
	(ii)    The best of misc
	(iii)   Quotes
	(iv)    Memepool
	(v)     Stats
Enjoy :-)


(i) News

In the real world, we had two succesful concerts - Mark and Daniel did Baby
proud in West Road with Mozart Symphony No. 40 and Haydn's Cello concerto
in D major. Main were in Trinity this time round, with Weber Clarinet Concerto
 No. 2 and Brahms Symphony no.4. Next term's programme will be Chabrier Espana, 
Wagner Kindertotenlieder and Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 2 (Little Russian) - 
first rehearsal will be Wednesday 26th April in Selwyn. Post-concert frivolity 
ensued, at which Salsa dancing proved to be far too energetic for most (except 
for Daniel Francis, who seemed be doing remarkably well given a broken foot ....) 
UCPO also said farwell to Claire Kirkpatrick who has finally siezed the 
opportunity to be reunited with Alex in Geneva - do not despair however, as we 
will never let then escape from misc!

In the world of misc, we finally had some new recruits to share in the madness, 
and after some prodding they are now bona fide miscites. Finally, it was observed 
that there haven't been many incriminating photos put up on the web recently - 
I am always more than happy to put things up, as long as it doesn't comprimise 
my diginty too much ........ :-)


(ii) The best of misc

The remergence of the digest confused many members, including Pedro who couldn't 
remember having written so many himself. Having commented on the lack of venom 
dispatched in the direction of religion and politics last time, I promptly undid 
all the hard work be posting Terry Jones' article 'God: I've lost faith in Tony Blair',
and promted the token serious conversation of the month. However, the excitement 
over novelty cycle lanes soon restored the world to it's natural order, as did the 
traditional 'Is it snowing?' debate. Alison bounced muchly at being offered a place 
at Glasgow for next year, although the northern-ness of Glasgow and Livingstone proved 
somewhat controversial. Rob continued to hate his job. Dave Welchew was on a hunt for 
stockings and pearl necklaces - the results are in the memepool if you dare! 

We had much fun with the Daily Mail headline generator: Will Tony Blair Impregnate 
Needle Malice? Did Hiding Chemical Needles Drive Student Insane? Was Needle Ever 
In Haystack? A game of Mornington Crescent confused Harriet, but was eventually won 
by Phil with a daring move involving alternative manoeuvrability using the bus 
replacements on the Metropolitan and Hammersmith lines. Mobile phones provoked Dave 
Sim into a rage, but we stopped short of blowing up Maud. Alex was unexpectedly 
snow-sick, and we went to the pub many times.   


(iii) Quotes

A dissapointing collection of quotes this month misc - try harder next time and I 
shall award gold stars :-)

Last time i went out when I was on antibiotics I just drank pepsi and that got me 
	wasted - Simon Smith

What's wrong with being Harris? - Harris (unsuprisingly)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  There's a time and a place for pedantry, 
	and this is emphatically /not/ it.  Bad linguisticians. And do you really 
	think I'd depend somebody who looked like a toad? - Alex Williams

who needs google when they've got Ed Sanjana? - Pedro

Honey badgers?!  You have got to be joking. - Emmy

Please don't talk about alcohol any more... Not for another few hours or so. Whose 
	foolish idea was it to put the tequila near me, anyway? - Ed Sanjana

The incompetence of my students never ceases to amaze me, an example of which being 
	the following amusing rumours I have heard about myself in the last fortnight:
1) I'm leaving at the end of the year
2) I have a court case coming up soon and may lose my job as a result
3) I am having a relationship with Miss Watts from PE
4) I am having a relationship with Mr Lancaster from Science - Chris Phelps

Predictive text messaging - why?? - Alex Williams

I'm going to be an unreal person again! - Alsion Stanley

I don't think I'm gonna go to sleep tonight. I've just found the greatest car crash 
	programme ever, and (please god, forgive me) it is on ITV. - Rob Richards


(iv) Memepool



(v) Stats

Of 275 messages this month posting was divded up as follows:

Alex Williams		29
Emmy Goodby		20
Rob Richards		19
Dave Welchew		16
Ed Sanjana		14
Pedro			13
John Aldridge		12
Phil Potter		11
Alison Stanley		11
Jonathon Cameron	10
Simon Smith		9
Dave Sim		9
Katharine Hubbard	8
Chris Phelps		8
Harriet Johnston	7
Caroline Williams	7
Tom Pullmann		6
David Holland		6
Jenny Howie		6
Robert Nimmo		5
Claire Kirkpatrick	5
Naomi Ward		5
Fan Yang		5
Harris			5
Mark Galtrey		4
Sarah Morgan		4
Mark Pritchard		3
Matthew Whitely		3
Richard Edgar		2
David Holland		2
Helen Eburah		2
Mihai Swift		2
Jonathon Storey		1
Becky Collis		1
Paul Ryland		1
Vicki Wright 		1

Alex is duly crowned King of Misc for the month of March 2006.


Our time together must now come to an end. Hold back the tears, as there will be 
another chance for me to invade your inboxes very shortly (if the next one gets 
written on time *cough*)

Katharine :-) 

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