Sorry about the delay, but having got over my minor supervision crisis, 
here is this week's digest

What we did:

WCSO misc tried to play Mornington Crescent, Dave Welchew won, by default, 
although I'm convinced he was in Knib.
WCSO talked about the weather. Queens turned out wet again.
There'll be photos of the formal hall around. If people bring them to me 
I'll web the best.
The trombones talked about the size of their instruments
Ph.D.s involve work.
Dave Welchew found a weird website.
Gnome got surprisingly happy
The WCSO pub crawl is going to be remembered by posterity. In a kebab shop.
Chris is hosting a Halloween party after the rehearsal. Bring booze.
The Group photos will be dished out at rehearsal, or otherwise delivered.
WCSO carried on a group role-play game, such that I may never finish this.

Who we accused:
A popular operating system of being rubbish by Mr. David J. Harris.
Harris accused of being drunk by Rob

What we said:
"Delete windows, install linux and then use mutt? Elope with a busty wench 
to switzerland and forget about SWM?"
"Oh, and Becky, you owe me a trombone, although ours was certainly not the 
weirdest conversation I had that night..."
"Try and get work that is less lab-based, ideally so you can do it from bed 
with your eyes shut."
"hello everybody! I love you all! Hadn't realised before that it was
possible to get high on work...ASNaC is fab, you should all do it cos 
you're all lovely peoples! Boing boing boing WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
"after i leave here i'm gonna go and watch diagnosis murder and i'm really 
""sleeping in the wet patch" I think. "
"You are in good shape. You alignment is Cynical. You have no Zorkamids. 
You have 1.42.
You are sober."

Who said it:

   1 mit21
   1 rjc46
   1 rohan
   2 ih220
   2 jrp44
   2 mgp28
   2 tcw24
   3 mrh30
   4 rch35
   4 rn214
   7 cjp40
   7 os227
   9 jic23
   10 djh59
   10 nw215
   10 tjop2
   13 nasz2
   13 s.l.williams
   19 rmr26
   20 dew22
   27 das48
  167 total

Of which 26 came between 2am and 9 am this morning.

Sees yous laters

James Percival

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