Have I really done 20 of these?

*** Stuff ***
Gnome went into Labour.
Viola are the undead. And are basically Violins tuned differently.
I wanted to blow the wind up.
The ASNaCs went on about nasal mutations. I still think they have the
right number of nostrils. 
There was some random bollocks.
I got irritable. Twice.
I died.
Cath Reifen claimed lobsterhood (in a dicussion about bestiality, no

*** Abuse ***
We pointed and laughed at Aoife the boating froglet.

*** Quotes ***
"your instrument is hard, mel"
"come come come come come"
"My, Becky, you're manly this evening"
"No, you can't! I haven't got any clothes on"

*** Stats ***
      1 ca222
      1 jcs46
      1 kmw31
      1 sah51
      1 sjc64
      1 yellow_warlock

(did we find out who this is?)

      2 cer33
      2 jic23
      3 rjc46
      5 cjp40
      5 mnw22
      5 tjop2
      8 dew22
      8 fes23
     10 rmr26
     11 mjhn2
     11 nw215
     11 rn214
     17 mrh30
     20 rch35
     25 jrp44
     32 djh59
    181 total

I can't have won again *cries*


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