A record breaking week. Again.

***Random Stuff***
I claimed never to have been a party.
Beccy expressed disappointment at not being allowed to run an "Illegal
or immoral business" from her college room.
Beccy barked.
There was a minor instrumental flame war, in which the oboes came out
on top, cos they're great.
Then there was the Peterhouse Musicians Handbags competition.
Beccy wailed noisily.
Mel was nice to Beccy (nudge nudge, wink wink)
Daisy is a noun, not a verb.
Nick used the word "foreplay" in a committee meeting.
Aoife claimed to be innocent.
Pub opening hours (or the lack of them) were bemoaned.
The WCSO stats are now available by fingering wcso@divad.chu.cam.ac.uk
or by looking at http://divad.chu.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/wcso.
Aoife is a froglet (we voted on it).
Helen Roberts' dad became the this wcsovian's parent to post to
soc-wcso-misc. She apologises for this.
There was a hot cross bun party that went on for 12 hours.
James Percival declared himself to be "up for it".
Richard agreed to stop posting random spam to swm.
James had a birthday (awwww).
Cath Reifen slept in for her exam.
I became an adjective.
Sarah rightly claimed that "wcso will drink anything". And then
proceeded to get drunk.
I became official WCSO Tertiary Sex Object...
...but refused to cross dress.
Sarah asked Percival if he was a swedish love god.
Mel became the first person to post 100 messages to swm in a week.
(although James Percival now has the record).
Beccy wailed noisily (again)
CUSU went on fire (shame).
James Percival claimed to want my babies...
...but then got creme egg stuck in his beard.
Llamas rule.
I'm writing a FAQ and an AUP.
I was very bored.
Chris Phelps snogged a blues rugby player whose name he doesn't
remember. He assures us that she was female.

We had "national insult Aoife" day and "national insult Harris" life.
Mel abused Mark Norman.
Nick abused the strings (who agreed).
Nick abused Richard and made death threats to me.
WCSO abused viola players.
I insulted Beccy. Who wailed lots.
WCSO abused me.

***WCSO Stats o'the week***
      1 deh24
      1 kmw31
      2 carlroberts
      2 sah51
      3 cer33
      3 rjc46
      4 ajf34
      4 nw215
      6 fes23
      6 rmr26
      7 cjp40
      7 jic23
      7 sjc64
      9 jcs46
     10 sfb24
     12 mburton
     12 mjhn2
     14 mnw22
     16 dew22
     27 rn214
     33 nasz2
     45 amn25
     45 slw25
     67 rch35
     81 djh59
    120 mrh30
    124 jrp44
    668 total

And yes, that's a record.


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