Slightly delayed by flu, but here it is...

*** Stuff ***

Beccy laundered money.
Richard spammed.
I accidently caused SWM to overload by starting a story again...
Welchew tried to start Mornington Crescent, which is bad. Bad!
Then we had the first time posting game. In which there were infinite
Richards, carnivorous cider and custard.
Richard spammed.
Mel pulled. Someone not in WCSO, which just shouldn't be allowed.
WCSO impersonated Rob.
There was welsh.
There was discussion about Selwyn vs. Wesley.
We had the termly flame war...
I get everywhere...
Richard spammed.

*** Abuse ***

We abused the flutes. And the Brass. And Mel. And the conductors. And me.

*** Quotes ***

"I can't promise you sword fighting transvestites"
"I have just spent the morning developing a meaningful relationship
with a photocopier"

*** Stats ***

***WCSO Stats o'the week***
      1 amn25
      1 erjp2
      1 mnw22
      1 nasz2
      1 rh230
      1 sah51
      2 ca222
      2 jcs46
      2 john.aldridge
      2 rjc46
      2 sfb24
      4 cjp40
      6 cer33
      6 mjhn2
      6 mrh30
      8 jic23
      9 mcb30
     10 sjc64
     15 fes23
     19 rn214
     20 nw215
     25 jrp44
     27 tjop2
     29 rch35
     35 rmr26
     52 djh59
     73 dew22
    360 total

Everyone point and laugh at welchew!


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