OK, I know, I should've had this digest out about three weeks ago... been
busy tarting up a paper. Old WCSOites might be interested to hear about a
final WCSO garden party planned for this May Week (date tbc) - the last
before WCSO ends and becomes UCPO. We want as many old members to come back
as possible...

Contents: WCSO news... What we talked about... Quotes... Memepool... WCSO
story... Stats...

WCSO news:
We had a successful concert, and a very successful post-concert party - with
thanks to Chris and the nice Trinity porters. Some photos are now available
at http://www.srcf.ucam.org/wcso/2002lent/index_party.html - more will
appear at the start of next term... regular pub trips (and a curry) are
continuing through the holidays for those of us that are stuck here outside
term, e-mail me if you want to find out when the next one is.

What we talked about:
- People bitched about the new design for the website. In response, I
changed the committee page to be completely XHTML compliant... so it now
only works on IE6...
- There were the usual arguments about which pubs to go to. Lots of them.
- Rob pretended to be Isobel by accident.
- Alex held his second unannounced WCSO party of the year, driving the
neighbour who had an exam the morning after the last one apoplectic.
- Copyright on Chris's name was investigated.
- TWIX!!!
- Everyone did a getting-to-know-you quiz again...
- Boaties discussed college breakfasts.
- An accidental WCSO story started (see end)
- Francesca gave us Too Much Information.
- Rob got Summoned.
- People discussed their political orientations. Me and Tom are
anarcho-syndicalists, James is Simon Hughes.

WCSO quotes:
- I'm glad to see that there are still penguins and Cath is still
John the Beard. - Cath Reifen
- Has Oli resorted to sabotage in a desperate attempt to cull some of the
woodwind? - Vicki Rainsley
- Maybe Harris will be female in 5 years. As well as being a lawyer. - Tom
- if cars are just penis extensions, my first car was probably very small,
but let's just say that i've updated. - Rob Richards
- Nick was created when the first WCSOvites laughed drunkenly.  Now, every
time a student says "I don't believe in WCSO getting drunk", another of
Nick's brain cells falls down dead. - Francesca Sanjana
- you all suck like an after-gig party consisting of hot chocolate and
pizza - Rob Richards
  - *shrugs* sounds good to me - Beccy Hancox
- Yes, but I am Harris.  Although I haven't had sex with the whole of WCSO.
Harris apparently has...  - Francesca Sanjana

Most bizarre quote of the week:
- I keep getting stressed about the baby, then realizing that it's already
happened. So now I've just got to do quantum until I collapse into an
eigenstate. - Dave Sim

WCSO memepool:
Missing 'old-style' WCSO music?
http://www.thewebshite.co.uk/gizmos/kitten.html Chris ageing too fast
http://www.btinternet.com/~flyingchariot/hcs/conductor.htm Dance, monkeyboy
http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~rmr26/developers.mpeg Hasta la revolutione siempre
http://www.mediacampaign.org/mg/print/ad_tennis.html How to cook an egg
http://www.handyscripts.co.uk/trubador_egg.htm be scared
http://www.upmystreet.co.uk/inf/msc/det/index.php3?location1=cb2+2qq D&D
http://www.students.uiuc.edu/~ellingwd/dndwho/index.html Teddy Borg
http://draco.mit.edu/teddyborg/ Pretty www.snarg.net Obscene patents
http://www.bustpatents.com/obscene.bmp fun censorware
http://peacefire.org/censorware/Cyber_Patrol/jan-2002-blocks.html naturists
http://www.ccn-naturisme.org/ it's the end of the world as we know it
what's wrong with this picture? http://www.tekzoned.com/whatswrong/ obspam
http://members.aol.com/johnk0/godkills.jpg get Rob a blow job:
http://www.hud.ac.uk/schools/hubs/mobile.htm what's your political
orientation? www.politicalcompass.org so much for easy money

The WCSO Story:
On the next day WCSO created Nick. Of course it might be claimed that
Nick was in fact created by his parents, but we all know for a fact
that Nick was created when the first WCSOvites laughed drunkenly.
Now, every time a student says "I don't believe in WCSO getting
drunk", another of Nick's brain cells falls down dead.  This has now
happened to the extent that he had to quit Cambridge and get a
proper job as a lawyer.  Thankfully, all was not lost, though, because he
continued to come back to Cambridge at regular intervals (of a
diminished 4th) to conduct, harass and generally scream at WCSO.
His innuendos about the co-leader playing chess with her bf became
world-renowned and he eventually gained a reputation as a purveyor of
rotton fish. "Ewww", went Beccy, as the rotton (sic) fish decayed
into a mulchy mass not dissimilar to the remnants of 1B vet dissection.  The
smell of the fish caused Nick never to fall asleep for fear that he
might start smelling of fish too, and the habit has stayed with him to this
day. His return to Cambridge was tragically only to a chosen few (or
those stupid enough to voluntarily attend rehearsals at the weekends) so
to the rest of us he was lost into the real world, where he underwent such
tragic and traumatising experiences that he ended up with an unusual
fetish for bananas.  As a result of this,

WCSO stats:
      1 acm45
      2 pajb2
      3 fes
      3 s.l.williams
      4 jds36
      4 mnw22
      4 paul
      5 clk25
      6 kjt27
      6 mrh30
      6 rjc46
      7 ahfw2
      7 rn214
      9 wallabysalisbury
     11 ih220
     11 john.aldridge
     11 s.j.cottrell.97
     13 matthew.bryant
     15 jonathanstorey
     20 tjop2
     21 jrp44
     22 djh59
     24 mgp28
     31 cjp40
     31 nw215
     38 rmr26
     41 var25
     45 jic23
     47 rch35
     47 das48
     53 os227
     57 dew22
     84 fes27
    690 total

Oops, I really ought to have digested all those sooner :)

See you all in a fortnight (or as soon as there's lots of spam to talk


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