OK then, on WCSO this week...

Dr Mark abused Nick.
Beccy insulted Michael's driving.
Richard was abused.

*Relevant WCSO Stuff* (ha!)

The great WCSO funding debate raised its head again. Is going to be
debated at AGM, I think.
Richard offered to take money off anyone silly enough to give him it.
WCSO Blind date suffered a sad and lonely death (not that Sarah didn't
do enough to promote it, as she pointed out)...
...but the WCSO curry was reborn out of the ashes.
And everyone should go on tour.

*Random Stuff*
David (W) wants to do evil experiments on any WCSO fool silly enough.
Sarah and Mel volunteered.
Mel crashed the equipment.
Richard and Becky tortured small animals.

***WCSO Stats o'the week***
(since tuesday)
      1 jic23
      1 nasz2
      1 rjc46
      1 sjc64
      2 amn25
      2 cer33
      2 dew22
      2 mnw22
      2 sfb24
      3 jrp44
      3 rn214
      4 djh59
      4 fes23
      6 slw25
     14 rch35
     48 total
Quiet week really...

right then, off to tescos...


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