All the snow has melted. Boo hoo!

*** Stuff ***
Welchew finally realised he was being libeled
Lack of work was discussed
We heard things about marshmallows that some of us never wanted to know
WCSO had party overload.
Cath left her wallet in Cambridge. And herself.
Michael Portillo's past came under scrutiny. And Lilley.
Everybody was in Hitchin except me it seems.
Gnome's gone. But not forgotten.

*** Abuse ***
Nick and Harris abused each other, for pleasure.
And Sarah joined in.
Harris and Gnome abused each other
North v.s south almos popped up.

*** Quotes ***
I've never done anything with Gnome. We've never done anything more  than 
just friends would do.
I'm not coming out, clean or dirty...
'I think nudity is a good idea in general'
All your base are belong to us!
you can write it in klingon if you like...
Becky, Cath and Harris are making pasta in Simon's kitchen.
I was approached by a prostitute today. Does that lower my purity at all?
I'm so drunk i'm floppy.
Whose legs am I between?
else i'm going to eat too many babies.
Whose is it? I've had it in my mouth, I want to know!

*** Stats ***
  1 cer33
       1 clk25
       1 jic23
       1 mcb30
       1 mrh30
       1 mws22
       1 sfb24
       2 cjp40
       2 john.aldridge
       2 mnw22
       4 jcs46
       4 jrp44
       4 rjc46
       5 fes23
       5 sah51
       7 sjc64
       8 rmr26
       9 tjop2
      11 dew22
      13 das48
      13 nw215
      14 rch35
      18 djh59
      29 S.L.Williams
      40 nasz2
     197 total

And he's out in the real world too, shame on him!

Ciao people, catch you next week.


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