See the bottom for a crash course in mail filtering in Pine.

What we did:

We all had freshers' flu. And tried to trace the epidemiology vaguely.
Discussed linguistics and logic. But not linguini.
Beccy left us.
Matthew Whitely sent collective love
David Welchew might be going to the world cup. And not as a mascot.
We set up recursive bounces.
We gained an Isobel. Who may or may not be young.
Oli found a desk partner.
We discussed the existence of a Rosie.
We discovered a new breed of Swedish sexmaniac.
Tom advertised a concert without giving a place or time.
We managed to go 2 days without discussing WCSO formal hall gossip. 
Thank-you to Anna for arranging it and Angela for hosting the party.

Who we accused:

Harris of being diseased by Gnome
Richard for talking about drinking popes by Becky and Mel
Cath of being an evil witch by Dr. John
Richard of telling bad jokes by SWM.
Chris of being a good musician by the rest of us.

What we said:

"Is there anything that WCSO have never?"
"do any of the knowledgable types on the list (or Mel)"
"WCSO has never got beyond *threatening* to be an orgy..."
"Pope research and alcohol, the perfect partners...... "
"He claims not to have murdered any pupils yet in his new Dodgy Science 
Teacher career."
"who's up for a WCSO shoeshopping expedition?"
"we're "a drinking society with an orchestra attached""
"The first one translates as "bugger me, i need a drink cos that
orchestra's so smooth" and the second one "cobblers from california wearing 
chainmail are me""
"Irish is the language of the gods.... oh, no, wait.... I'm thinking of porn"
"Are they bigger than anybody else's miles?"

Who said it:

       1 acm45
       1 ahfw2
       1 caamc2
       1 john.aldridge
       1 kjt27
       1 mit21
       1 mws
       1 nasz2
       1 rch35
       1 rjc46
       2 ih220
       4 dew22
       4 jrp44
       5 rn214
       6 jic23
       6 mrh30
       7 cjp40
       9 djh59
       9 nw215
      10 tjop2
      14 rmr26
      15 s.l.williams
      17 das48
     118 total

A relatively quiet week.

How to filter your mail using Pine

1) Log in as normal
2) On the first screen select option 5 (config)
3) On the following screen select option 1 (personall)
4) On the next screen option 5 (Filters)
5) Now choose what to filter on. I suggest for WCSO stuff select option 1 
6) Enter the email address to filter (for SWM is 
soc-wcso-misc-requests@lists.cam.ac.uk for the digest it is 
soc-wcso-digest-request@lists.cam.ac.uk etc.)
7) Now choose a name for the mail-box to be called where the filered mail 
will go.
8) exit and you ought to be filtered.

If you use any other email system and you need help filtering your mail, 
let me know and I'll see if I can help.

James Percival

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