Yes, I've got the time to send one out! Whoopee!

*** Stuff ***
People went home.
Mel made love to a mop.
Matt the Horn was in the Times.
WCSO pubmeets are happening mostly in the Mill on Wednesdays.
Harry Potter!
The flying kitchen broke down when Beccy tried to go in it.
Beccy wants a baby JCB.
Cath doesn't know what one is.
Percival grinned at sheep. And skulls.
Welchew leered.
And was on Buffy TVS. With holes in him. and a big knife *whimpers*

*** Abuse ***
Percival abused Yorkshire, and should therefore die.
Nick abused the north, and should therefore die.

*** Quotes ***
"There ain't no-one here but us chickens"
"Nick has a better arse, and that's how we got a good review in
Varsity :)"
"Come to Manchester: Meet a Pervert!"

*** Stats ***
      1 deh24
      1 mcb30
      1 sah51
      1 sjc64
      1 slw25
      2 cer33
      2 mburton
      2 mws22
      2 nw215
      2 scc29
      2 sfb24
      3 ajf34
      3 amn25
      3 jcs46
      5 rn214
      6 fes23
      6 kmw31
      7 john.aldridge
     10 mrh30
     12 nasz2
     19 dew22
     21 jrp44
     21 mnw22
     29 djh59
     33 rch35
    195 total

Congrats to the Becster...


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