Yes, I know i'm a week late, but I forgot, OK?

** Stuff **

Beccy refused to give details of her arse being hit with sticks.
Jon Cameron pushed a piano through the floor.
Fiona Snorted. Cocaine.
Becky claimed to be sweet and innocent.
The Committee plotted the fate of those who would bring down the
orchestra from within.
There was some compsciness.
Welchew tried to suck our blood, but the Blood Transfusion Service
didn't want it.
I am not living with an asnac.
There were several dodgy parties. At which Aoife asked Mel to sleep
with her...
Chris is the worst violin. In CUMS1.
More WCSO couples occured...
I forgot I was on the committee and hence started plotting its
I eat pink wafer biscuits.
The website was updated.
Gnome spied on me via Percival.
I am not a gay pornstar.

** Abuse **

I called the froglet a froglet.
Fiona cursed us.
And called Rob a turnip.
WCSO had an "abuse percival" session. Which Gnome stopped. *raises

** Quotes **

"Everyone else, grab a fresher."
"Don't worry Beccy, you're kinky too..."
"I just smeared maple syrup on Jesus' face. Does that count as blasphemy?"
"I went back to Richard's to pick up my clothes"
"I shag sheep I do. It's purrfect"
"there's a roadcone in my lounge and I have no idea where it came from"
"Beneath the sea the Karen Sleeps..."

** Stats **

***WCSO Stats o'the week***
      1 cjp45
      1 jcs46
      1 kmw31
      1 pigme
      2 ca222
      2 deh24
      2 john.aldridge
      2 mnw22
      2 sah51
      3 cer33
      3 mjhn2
      4 amn25
      4 jic23
      6 sjc64
      7 mcb30
      7 nasz2
      7 rjc46
      7 sfb24
     12 cjp40
     12 fes23
     20 nw215
     21 mrh30
     21 rmr26
     22 rn214
     28 dew22
     31 rch35
     50 jrp44
     66 djh59
    345 total

Whoops. I was bored...


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