General news:
 - There's a Baby concert this Saturday - 7pm at St. Columbas Church on
Downing Street
 - The WCSO website has just been updated (and the glitches fixed) -
www.wcso.org.uk -
   or if you're looking forward to the name change already, www.ucpo.org.uk
 - Anyone with a wcso.org.uk e-mail address will now find it works for
ucpo.org.uk as well
   (if anyone wants a free wcso e-mail address, let me know)

What we discussed:
 - Drinking and hangovers (no suprise there)
 - Arrangements to have a meal (in great depth)
 - The MMR vaccination, and why it's a good thing
 - The relationship between Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen and Ali G...
 - Lord of the Rings
 - Essays (of several flavours)
 - Dissections (revenge of the MVST students)
 - Ways for newly married women to avoid the horrors of sex

Flame of the week award:
 - Rob, for his 'Mark, what the fuck is wrong with you' mail after one too
many descriptions of the process of writing essays...

 - reminds me of having my head shot through with millions of tiny
grapefruits, each with a hornets nest in their gut. - rmr26
 - The police were quite funny though thinking that my trumpets were nicked
laptops..... - rjc46
 - I got ejected from a
police station once. By the police. Odd night that one. - cjp40
 - *head explodes messily with annoyance* - dew22
 - My room has now got so cluttered that I've started to use the top of the
bin as a flat surface. This can't be good. - tjop2
 - There is more to my life than rowing, you know...just about,
anyway...there must be, mustn't there? - var25
 - Chocolate. And Buffy. - djh59
 - I found the pituitary gland too, that was exciting (well, ok, it's all
relative) - ih220
 - when did emacs grow a psychiatrist in it's help menu?!  I jsut had a 10
minute argument with it about why I'm aftraid of the dark. - rch35

WCSO memepool:
Maths-music fun http://mathpunk.tripod.com/ramones.html MMR
http://www.guardian.co.uk/medicine/story/0,11381,645672,00.html Ali G
http://www.boyakasha.co.uk/info.html any relation?
http://www.psychiatry.cam.ac.uk/arc/aboutsbc.html silly games
http://www.bombpop.com/main.cfm toy or pony?
http://www.brunching.com/toys/toy-pornorpony.html annoying pro-lifers
http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/health/newsid_1813000/1813909.stm cure
cancer www.intel.com/cure George Bush or Iggy Pop?

***WCSO Stats o'the week***

      1 acm45
      1 mit21
      1 mrh30
      2 jds36
      2 rjc46
      3 clk25
      3 john.aldridge
      4 ih220
      4 kjt27
      4 matthew.bryant
      4 paul
      4 rn214
      6 s.j.cottrell.97
      7 s.l.williams
      9 cjp40
      9 jrp44
     10 ahfw2
     11 wallabysalisbury
     12 var25
     13 os227
     14 djh59
     14 mgp28
     14 tjop2
     17 nw215
     26 dew22
     29 fes27
     31 jic23
     31 rch35
     38 das48
     41 rmr26
    365 total

365 in two weeks - that's pretty slow...
See you all in a week or two...


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