I do beleive this is my penultimate digest. *sobs*

*** Stuff ***
Nick denied he was naked with only a rose between his teeth.
My pants were discussed far more than necessary.
Percival and Phelps became landmarks.
Chris then declared himself sock and pants sec.
Beccy's getting tattooed.
Richard did some physics. We told him to stop.
Sarah suggested I slept with my examiners.
If God is evil and twisted, Nick is god.
Beccy wants John's knobbly bits.
The horns took lessons from the violas.

*** Quotes ***
"My pants are ASNaC free"
"If I wanted a copy of your arse and Harris' pants would there be a
special rate?"
"Would you let Richard get to the inside of your left thigh?"
"Hold it firmly upright when you're on my bed"
"What is the difference between a virgin and a slut?"

*** Stats ***

      1 ahfw2
      1 clk25
      1 nasz2
      1 rh230
      1 sfb24
      1 troopers
      2 dew22
      2 mws22
      2 sah51
      3 ca222
      3 jcs46
      3 mcb30
      4 cer33
      4 rjc46
      5 cjp40
      6 mrh30
      6 sjc64
      7 jic23
      9 nw215
     10 rn214
     12 fes23
     12 rmr26
     14 tjop2
     17 rch35
     33 jrp44
     34 S.L.Williams
     37 djh59
    231 total

I was revising. And swm helps...

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