*** Stuff ***
The World is after Frogs' girlfriend.
No-one pillaged me.
Aoife denied (quite rightly) her frogletness.
Richard blithered.
WCSO is going to see the cricket.
Nick wants to cut Reifen's breasts off and put them on Beccy.
Beccy was slightly perturbed by this.
CathR dumped a *lot* of people.
Percival wants to keep Beccy's breasts forever.
There was a WCSO siege.
Various members of WCSO discussed their imminent demise.
Arguments over concert dates were had.
Nick slit his wrists.
Richard left. And came back.
There was an arms race, and a armistice.
Becky decided not to put clothes on.
I am not a concert Venue. Or a temple.
Nick claimed he was a teapot.
There was a very silly biological discussion.
Hermes went a bit silly and took three hours to deliver swm.
The new hall cat was revealed to be horrid.
Gnome went boing boing bounce moose. This is normal behaviour.
Becky tried to amputate my ear.
Nick started thinking about Matt as a "lusty full bossomed German
maiden from a Wagner opera"
The Bec[ck]ies mysteriously disappeared with Mel for "unspecified"
purposes from my formal hall.

*** Abuse ***
There was surprisingly little. Or I didn't notice it.

*** Stats ***

      1 ajf34
      1 clk25
      1 jcs46
      1 kmw31
      1 mcb30
      2 sfb24
      2 sjc64
      3 jpsa
      3 rh230
      3 sah51
      4 rmr26
      5 amn25
      5 fes23
      5 mburton
      6 cer33
      6 cjp40
      6 mjhn2
      6 nw215
      6 rn214
      7 jic23
      9 rjc46
     17 mnw22
     17 slw25
     19 dew22
     30 jrp44
     30 mrh30
     30 rch35
     37 djh59
     38 nasz2
    301 total

I didn't win! Hooray!


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