A super two-weeks-worth digest! Aren't you all lucky!

*** Stuff ***

There was dodgyness with kitchen utensils.
We tried to make a WCSO purity test, but got bored.
Gnome and Fiona looked for porn.
Mark Slater is sweet, sexy and fanciable.
I am not dead.
Beccy committed electoral fraud. Again.
Someone wants the entirety of WCSO misc.
Chris Phelps was pissed.
Percival lowered my purity score.
And wants to feel Beccy's arse.

*** Quotes ***
"we're not going to look at the porn, just hide it from Beccy"
"i might pull a reifen"
"I could never play anything made with cat entrails."
"Is that all? That's boring. Any wcso member should have at least
accepted a proposition from a member of the same sex."
"There are times when I lose control of my lower body"
"Necrophilia! Yay!"
"I haven't breast fed anyone recently"
"taking cupboard doors off is like anal sex on the first date"
"the voices in my head tell nick to kiss my ass"

*** Stats ***

      1 cupid
      1 jcs46
      1 john.aldridge
      1 mcb30
      1 rjc46
      2 mrh30
      2 mws22
      2 sjc64
      5 jic23
      5 mnw22
      6 server
      7 sah51
     11 cer33
     12 dew22
     12 tjop2
     13 nw215
     14 fes23
     15 rn214
     16 mjhn2
     16 sfb24
     18 rmr26
     20 cjp40
     26 rch35
     27 djh59
     30 jrp44
    264 total

I didn't win! Yay!

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