Yes, it's lunchtime and I've decided that I have enough time to do a
digest. Aren't I nice?

(actually, it's taken me a week to write this, it is no longer
lunchtime and I'm in Cambridge and not work at all.)

** Stuff **

Percival wants sheep called Fiona.
Beccy claimed not to drink.
Nick Claimed Insanity.
Cricket Rules. As does Yorkshire. Especially at cricket.
Beccy had an asparagus fight.
Nick started several flame wars. Then went to Australia.
Wcso went to the pub (surprise).
Matt Whiteley ran away to Canterbury.
CathR tried to distill strawberries.
WCSO didn't go to Towcester.
Percival was said to have had breast implants.
I cursed Beccy.
Alec Guiness died.
Beccy set up a dating service.
I tried to get WCSO to help write something useful for the website. I
have yet to decide how useful it was...
We had a wcso song...
Beccy did things to her sister.
Claire's Breasts were discussed. Richard missed the point.
Nick made up some literally random music
I freaked an ASN&C
...and bought a motorbike. (the two strangely are *not* related).
We did a test to see who was most likely to kiss whom when drunk. And
I knows who got 100% with whom..
Beccy claimed that wcso was pub obsessed. (kettle, black?)
CathR correctly pointed out that being sober in WCSO is bad for your
Percival wittered on about elephants. And Michael.
WCSO is to picket framers.
I am not allowed to apparate in the New Hall toilets after 11pm.
And have no violin. I therefore declare myself a born again oboist.

** ABUSE **

The North v South debate went on. And on. Then stopped.
Although we were rude about Croydon for a bit.
Percival insulted himself.
Beccy was insulted by her Parents.
I was very hurt by Percy saying some very cruel things that I might
not be exactly the perfect shape *wails* 
I accused Percival of being a drug taking loon.

** Quotes **

"wheeeeeeeeee majic E!"
"I am New Zealand and the International Conferation of Major Fuel
"You're not allowed a pachyderm, you're an item of furniture"

**Stats **

***WCSO Stats o'the week***

      1 ca222
      1 jmjl2
      1 kmw31
      1 rjc46
      2 mburton
      2 mcb30
      2 sjc64
      3 amn25
      5 jic23
      7 jcs46
      7 mrh30
      8 ajf34
      8 rmr26
     12 rn214
     14 cer33
     14 john.aldridge
     17 mws22
     27 mnw22
     34 dew22
     54 djh59
     57 rch35
     63 nasz2
     83 jrp44
    423 total

Well done Percy. You managed to overtake Nick in the last week,
forcing me to rewrite this bit. bah.


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