The penultimate this term...


Beccy fell off her chair.
Football is crap.
Percival complained about people licking ASNaCs.
I am incapable of being Nasty.
Percival still wants Karen for a teddy.
Mel is Miss Piggy.
Welchew got his body hair shaved.
Matt was happy.
There was a dodgy party with lots of random comments.


Percival was sarcastic to Nick. He is his dad.
He also implied that Mel might get a little tipsy sometime.

"I can do a great trick with a ping pong ball"
"The mental image of Gnome hitting harris with sticks is something I
can do without this early in the morning"
"I want to [...] have Richard and Mark Norman fondle my backside,
while Mel licks nuttella off my bare torso"

***WCSO Stats o'the week***
      1 deh24
      1 her27
      1 mcb30
      1 rjc46
      1 scc29
      1 sfb24
      1 sjc64
      1 slw25
      2 amn25
      2 cer33
      2 mjhn2
      2 rmr26
      2 sah51
      3 jcs46
      4 cjp40
      4 mrh30
      5 dew22
      5 fes23
      5 mburton
      7 nw215
      9 jic23
     12 nasz2
     13 rn214
     15 djh59
     15 rch35
     18 mnw22
     33 jrp44
    166 total

Hmm. people obviously have better things to do. And nick was wanting
to get to 150 this week. Pathetic...


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