(apologies to any of you who have already recieved this - a large
number of my mails disappeared after sending due to me mistyping my
own address...)

This week on soc-wcso-misc:

Daisy abused my use of English. And that's a quote.

Suzie nearly turned up to WCSO in her pyjamas.
Dr Mark posted tipsily from the US
James Percival is addicted to sucking Becky's fingers.
Much went on at the post-concert party chez moi.
Including: Mel being drunk, Beccy being drunk and wearing chocolate, a
conductor and not much else and lots of random flirting in unusual
directions. And *ALL* my nutella getting eaten. Cath Reifen *claimed*
to be sober. Although Nick failed to through Mel in Queens moat.
Some stuff went on that I didn't get, cos it was either (a) random
keypresses or (b) coded (ROT13, I think).
Matt Whitelely is growing mutant maggots.
Another WCSO party happened at which cream was involved.
Beccy did *not* make a slip of the tongue.
Becky snogged Richard.
For money.
Which he hasn't paid her.
My parents came and took my network connection away *cries*

David Welchew set fire to his beard. He has yet to explain the
circumstances of that.
My very own personal roadworks hole was inspected by WCSO and the
general estimate of my stupidity increased.

      1 ajf34
      1 ca222
      1 cer33
      1 fes23
      1 her27
      1 kmw31
      1 mch36
      3 deh24
      3 michael_is_a_dog

*on a side note, who does this go to?*

      3 scc29
      3 sfb24
      4 mburton
      6 nw215
      6 sjc64
      7 cjp40
      7 jcs46
     11 jic23
     11 rmr26
     12 amn25
     13 mcb30
     14 rjc46
     15 mjhn2
     24 dew22
     24 rn214
     28 mnw22
     34 nasz2
     55 djh59
     57 rch35
     86 jrp44
     90 mrh30
    523 total

Mel, you win...

Well then, this is the last WCSO digest until 15th April. See how much
crap *del**del**del**del* random stuff happens until then...


PS: The WCSO digest is now going to a list of people outside
soc-wcso-misc. If you're one of those people (Richard Neill did email
you and ask if it was OK) and you object, email me!

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