Hello everybody. Have some digest.

*** Stuff ***
.My computer can't count.
No-one wanted to go to Girton Except Nick.  Rob won the stalker award. Oh, 
and we're all invited to Jon's if were passing.
Sarah is still more pure than Harris.
Nick dared us to send 100 emails in a day. We only managed 90.
But this did include a WCSO story.
WCSO went French
There are to be parties next week.
We have another WCSO marriage. But it might not be legal.

*** Abuse ***
Harris was abused:
by Gnome
by Fi
by Nick
by Me
by Varsity
by the world in general
*** Quotes ***
Typical that you should like a phallic vegetable!
Becky, the tomboyest of tomboys, has at an approximate count, 20 furry 
gorrilas and a dalmation on her bed. And she looks very nice in a swimsuit.
Wouldn't it be great if there were nothing but asnacs as far as the eye 
could see...
What about if it pisses on other people's roses? Can we kill it too 
*hopeful  look*
I know i licked Sarah, but there was no need to marry Becky in retaliation.

*** Stats ***

       1 ca222
       1 mnw22
       1 rjc46
       1 sfb24
       2 clk25
       2 erjp2
       2 mcb30
       3 mrh30
       3 rh230
       4 ahfw2
       4 mws22
       5 dew22
       6 sjc64
      10 das48
      10 jic23
      11 cjp40
      15 rch35
      17 fes23
      21 jrp44
      21 rmr26
      24 nw215
      32 djh59
      37 tjop2
      41 S.L.Williams
      58 nasz2
     332 total

Never trust a lawyer.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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