- Concert and garden party details
- Website updates
- What was talked about
- WCSO Quotes
- WCSO Memepool
- WCSO Stats

** Concert and Garden Party **
This term's concert will be held on the evening of Friday June 14th in
Trinity Chapel. The programme will be Beethoven's Emperor Concerto, Verdi's
Overture from Nabucco, and Dvorak's Ninth Symphony (which some will remember
from a WCSO concert a few years ago). It will be followed by a garden party
on Saturday June 15th, to which all old members are invited - it's the last
ever official WCSO event, and thus the end of an era.

** Website Updates **
The website has been tidied up in various places, has new information and
some new photos. I now have a stack of new pictures scanned and ready to
upload, so expect more stuff to appear over the weekend...

** What was talked about **
Various piss-ups, curries and parties were organised. Each involved about
200 mails being exchanged. Nick sent over a hundred mails to the list and
then tried to leave it, but wasn't allowed to escape. We lost Sarah, and
temporarily lost Fi ('til her mail address recovered from the 'WCSO effect')
[avoids summarising a few hundred one-line e-mails]. The French elections
were discussed. There was a big anti-capitalist debate. James now has a
coffee machine. Everyone bitched about their neighbours/housemates. We
ranted about CUMS. Lots of WCSO failed to vote, several of us ranted at them
for it. The list lapsed into Irish (again). People worried about their
exams. Nick helped people dodge tax, some of us flamed him evilly.

** WCSO Quotes **
- Hmm, a clean sentence featuring the words sod, law and a public toilet. -
- If you find an atheist in your neighborhood, TELL A PARENT OR PASTOR RIGHT
AWAY! - Francesca, quoting a US fundamentalist kid's website...
- I'd "rhythmically counterpoint" you given half the chance..... - Jonathan
- That was Tom 'son of Philip' Pullman. he just mentions sex whenever he can
because he's a dirty boy. - Rob
- I managed to break their waters, simultaneously. It was a damp sight. -
- Just had the dreaded 'how-to-insert-a-gerbil' lecture... Vicky
- I am the pobble who has no toes.... Anna
- It's OK, it's a fact the whole world knows, that Pobbles are happier
without their toes... David W
- Whisper dirty comments into my cyber ear!! - Nick
- This from a man who is camper than a pair of tits himself! I will
challenge you to take a campness test! - Nick

Quote of the month:
What is the internet coming to? I search google for "motorbike parking
solihull" (for fairly obvious reasons) and one of the returned sites
is titled "Free Hardcore Sex - group sex analsex fuck" - Harris

** WCSO Memepool **
Interestingly, the first run of sites (starting with
http://members.truepath.com/objective/kidz.html) all appear to have
Annoying Americans (I) -
Unintentional fashion item du jour -
(fes27: "Ahh, his mug's full in the picture")
'Traditional' US fundamentalism -
The same thing, but making marginally more sense -
Bizarre brass sleeping bag action -
What no Village People? -
Philosophy - http://www.philosophers.co.uk/games/god.htm
Caius food 'not the worst in the world' -
Pick your own phobia - http://www.phobialist.com/
Shaggy dog story -
Be a Mr. Man - http://www.mrmen.com/makemrmen.htm
Old ladies vs. Slipknot - Ladies win :)
Annoying Americans (II) -
Rush Limbaugh Eats Everything! - http://www.e-sheep.com/rusheats/000.html
WCSOite in the Independent - http://www.jjdash.demon.co.uk/WCSO/answer.jpg
Missing the point - http://www.petitiononline.com/twotower/
Harris did not do anything gossipworthy with someone at the bottom of this
page this lunchtime - http://www.djh59.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/bco/people.html.

Hmm, the memepool is taking over the digest...

** WCSO Stats **

      1 dpar2
      1 her27
      2 kjt27
      2 pajb2
      3 acm45
      4 mit21
      4 rge21
      5 rjc46
      9 john.aldridge
      7 wallabysalisbury
      8 clk25
      8 paul
     17 ahfw2
     18 matthewbryant
     19 S.Cottrell
     20 ih220
     34 jrp44
     37 mjhn2
     42 jds36
     54 djh59
     57 cjp40
     57 rch35
     59 tjop2
     63 os227
     69 mrh30
     98 nw215
     72 mgp28
     87 rmr26
     87 var25
     97 jic23
    116 dew22
    142 das48
    236 fes27
    236 nicholas.zaklama

   1771 total

Honestly, you turn your back for two weeks and suddenly there are 1800 mails
to summarise...


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