What we did:
Richard Neill returned to soc-wcso-misc
We helped Alex get the internet.
Tom has poetry up at 
Tell me if you want to have a link on the wcso website.
WCSO was briefly scary, sensible and argumentative. Til Dave Sim put us 
WCSO helped Mark celebrate his birthday in the only way it knows.
I did not kill my girlfriend.
Welchew had computer troubles. WCSO helped. Yay!
Harris fixed Dave Sim's sig.
Nick is now a fully fledged barrister.
We had a motion. With an amendment. It was tabled.
MP3s of this terms music at 

Who we accused:
Tom of fancying a fresher by Rob
Rob of being a gossip queen by Nick
Richard of having a date by Mel
The brass of not inviting him by Dave Sim
Nick of being a rider of Rohan by Tom
Becky of being snogged for money, by everyone.

What we said:
"Either that or my private army of 16-yr-old bisexual goths from Dunstable."
"What's all this...I leave you all for just 24 hours and you bastards get 
all philosophical and serious...WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!"
"*collapses on floor frothing at mouth and reciting the Omayat backwards in 
"Can you come and do that at a rehearsal, so we can watch?"
"Now that Railtrack's been effectively nationalised, apparently
(according to the Percival + Ward investment bank) my sex life has been 
nationalised for the good of the country. So now everyone can have a slice 
of Harris"
"Are you planning to strip his assets?"
I see that GNOME 2.0 (Alpha) is now out?
Shall we upgrade??"
"Harris...for the love of God...go be sad and geeky elsewhere"
"I've got a friend who's planning to be the first person to be injured in 
an accident *in* a safety seminar. He's bought some matches and a bottle of 
meths in preparation."
"It was 25 and he never gave the money and I had nightmares for weeks and 
it was crap and very very very brief....."
"waaaaaaaahhh no fair. men should *not* be allowed to have bigger boobs 
than me *wails loudly*"
"out of interest, how many of them were cath. i find the thought of 
multiple caths utterly terrifying ;)"
"Speaking of which, does anyoe know how much prostitutes get paid? Harris 
seems to think it would be a good career for me..."

Who said it:

       1 clk25
       2 john.aldridge
       3 ahfw2
       3 s.j.cottrell.97
       4 jic23
       4 rjc46
       4 rohan
       5 mrh30
       5 rch35
       7 jrp44
       7 tjop2
       8 nw215
      11 rn214
      13 djh59
      14 s.l.williams
      19 cjp40
      19 rmr26
      22 dew22
      25 das48
      34 nasz2
     210 total

James Percival

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