Happy new year, christmas, hogmanay, january 3rd...

Cath tried to sell an old woman a g string.
Nick dared WCSO to crash his flat. They did. He was naked apart from
the rose between his teeth. Teehee.
Gnome ask percival if he was a tasty nude.
Nick was a little annoyed with me.
John had a tooth extracted.
Sarah blamed me. What for, I'm not too sure.
Percival managed to embarrass me despite being 250 miles from me.
Molly the beccydog lost a snowball fight.
WCSO is having a dead russian concert.
I was cold.
Beccy the builder...
We discussed the physics of rockets...
WCSO moved to Selwyn.
I'm a nice bloke.
Margeret Thatcher had a sex change operation and became Tony Blair.

"Harris is a pagain, ruuuun!"
"Grr, I warn you, doors can be savage"
"less knickers to start with"
"so richard wants to be naked with 11 other men in a closed room then?"
"exterminate all beavers"
"I've got a cockroach called Michael, but I didn't take it out of Richard."

1 michaelisacockroach
1 richardisnotacockroach 
1 highsocietyisdependentongoodqualityganja
1 richardisacad

WCSO abused my sigs. Again.
Cath was scared by a spider.
WCSO abused Willy Hague.
I insulted trombones.

      1 amn25
      1 ca222
      1 deh24
      1 kmw31
      1 richbastardlawyer
      1 sjc64
      2 ajf34
      2 mcb30
      2 mrh30
      4 mnw22
      6 fes23
      6 jcs46
      7 jic23
      7 nw215
      8 john.aldridge
     11 rmr26
     11 rn214
     14 cer33
     24 dew22
     34 jrp44
     36 rch35
     43 djh59
     60 S.L.Williams
    283 total

It's nice to have Sarah back. I can post as much as I want and not
come top...

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