Percival claimed doorhood.
SWM agreed.
The Bec[ck]ies were in Nick's wardrobe. He asked someone to beat him.
There was a party. It was dodgy. There were handcuffs, porters and
Mel is satan's lovechild with Becky.
Chris Phelps felt Mel's arse.
We failed to attach Richard to Peterhose.
I am not a gnome.
WCSO annexed Aoife's balcony.
Gnome and Matt are the same person.
The "Door" refused to be pillaged by ASNaCs.
There is a wcso bbq tonight at Matt's (65 Cowper Rd, from 6)
and a formal hall on friday at churchill to which wcso is welcome (but
I need to know who's coming!!!)...
Mel went on a naked pub crawl...
Sarah and Percival fellated the same Umbrella.
WCSO is going to the Q-club on Monday.
Aoife is a froglet.
We tryed to antagonise GHCQ (bomb, explode, Tony Blair, die, die,
Percival resigned from WCSO and no-one noticed except Rob, who
SWM is *not* going to be using encryption. Cos then I can't be
bothered to decrypt it and then there'd be no digest...
Beccy bought a new bassooon. It needs a name.
WCSO loves ASNACs.

I abused Aoife.
Richard was abused. Lots.
Richard abused Frogs' nads.
Peterhouse and John's were revealled to be crap.
People claimed I was scary. I'm not, I'm lovely.


***WCSO Stats o'the week***
      1 deh24
      1 john.aldridge
      1 kmw31
      1 rh230
      1 scc29
      2 cer33
      2 rjc46
      3 jic23
      3 sah51
      3 sjc64
      4 rmr26
      6 jcs46
      6 nw215
      8 amn25
      8 cjp40
      8 sfb24
      9 slw25
     10 fes23
     10 mjhn2
     15 mnw22
     20 nasz2
     21 dew22
     21 rch35
     30 rn214
     32 jrp44
     33 mrh30
     36 djh59
    295 total

It wasn't me. I never!


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