Yes, sorry it's late, but it's all Becky's fault.

I am *not* Gnome. I don't post as much as her for a start. I'm the
cuddly male one, she's the short female one...
There was random ASNAC wibble.
Mel mentioned the phrase "tone colour" in the context of WCSO. People
Gnome decided that it should be purple.
There was various discussion of pieces to play.
Fiona doesn't fit in Gnome's dresses.
Gnome is telling Percival bedtime stories.
There was some discussion about Harry Potter, whoever he may be...
Chris Phelps did a Reifen and missed an exam.
I am not the spawn of Nick. I am also not the Anti-Christ.
Percival still wants to use Karen as a teddy bear.
We are have a music discussion meeting at 10:30 in the castle on
I was eaten by WCSO cake.

Percival abused Beccy
I abused Gnome's spelling.

"Hehe just managed to blow up my carpet"
"I'm perfectly clam"
"Can't you get arrested for drinking, or otherwise harrising, a moose?"
"Hello Auntie"
"in't schadenfreude great? and unspellable?"
"sorry, not scared of Harris, he's sweet and fluffy and quite
incapable of being nasty to any serious degree."

***WCSO Stats o'the week***
      1 ca222
      1 hjb36
      1 john.aldridge
      1 sah51
      2 deh24
      2 rjc46
      2 slw25
      3 amn25
      3 rmr26
      4 mjhn2
      4 sfb24
      5 mcb30
      6 jic23
      8 nasz2
      9 cjp40
     11 rn214
     13 mrh30
     15 dew22
     16 djh59
     16 rch35
     17 fes23
     17 mnw22
     20 nw215
     43 jrp44
    220 total

Hmm... ASNaCs take over WCSO chat...


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