John Surcombe plugged his site. He has been watching people having
ramant sex.
Richard went on a date and was *very* coy about it.
Nick rambled incessantly about whippets.
Fingers (of the frothy variety) were sucked.
People asked me to take rude pictures, and I said "No!".
Rob posted several emails that no-one understood.
I proved my stupidity by cycling into a roadworks hole.
Mel wibbled about some boring maths thing.
Suzie was drunk in the Fez club and walked into a mirror.
As did Aoife. Who loves soil.
Becky did something amusing.
It was conclusively proven that the north of england rules.
Dr. Mark posted whilst wearing a silly hat, and he was probably drunk

Beccy abused Mark Norman
SWM abused Dr. Mark's inbox
People laughed at me.

      1 ca222
      1 cer33
      1 deh24
      1 erjp2
      1 kas32
      1 slw25
      2 mcb30
      3 kmw31
      3 sfb24
      4 ajf34
      4 nw215
      4 scc29
      5 sjc64
      7 jcs46
      7 mburton
      8 fes23
      8 rjc46
     10 mnw22
     12 rmr26
     14 amn25
     19 jic23
     19 rn214
     24 dew22
     41 nasz2
     53 mrh30
     54 mjhn2
     59 djh59
     62 jrp44
     84 rch35
    512 total
And we didn't even have a flamewar. Ouch.



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