Another week, another digest.

*** Stuff ***
Mel had a formal hall to celebrate his birthday, which WCSO ignored
A David Harris is a self-confessed drug addict. And one got pissed.
WCSO attempted to translate English into English
Ways of smuggling wine were discussed in detail.
Trees made up a sizable portion of the conversation.
Custard is great, apparently.
WCSO misc. actually managed to be more random than usual
WCSO tried to shock Richard but he wasn't on the list
There was some disagreement as to whether it was a duck or a chicken.
Plus technical discussion of mallard anatomy.

*** Abuse ***
The North abused itself
Physicists were abused
Richard's absence from soc-wcso-misc was viewed by some as too good an 
oportunity to miss
Mark and Beccy abused their social lives
Nick called Steven a fool for burning himself
Nick took exception to being Rob's baby.

*** Quotes ***

"tis true, they gave me dog food once - slater ate it ;)"
"Right, everyone go and hug a tree to warm it up........"
"I've always wondered how much it would cost to charter a plane."
"I think I've still got my Robin Hood treehouse somewhere"
"Bow right hand (hair down), violin left hand (strings up, pointy end away 
from you)."
"i hear doggy style is in at the moment ;)"
"And I don't want to know what you've got up *your* nose.
"Harris: Huh huh... huhuhuh... he said... huhhuh he said...
Chris: Yeah... huh huh... like... he said... huhhuh
Mel: huhhuhhuh instruments. huhu."

*** Stats ***
1 acm45
1 john.aldridge
1 mcb30
1 mnw22
1 mws22
1 rjc46
2 clk25
2 mrh30
2 rn214
2 sah51
3 das48
3 sjc64
5 jic23
6 cer33
6 jcs46
8 cjp40
11 tjop2
12 jrp44
13 dew22
15 rmr26
16 fes23
16 nw215
16 rch35
24 nasz2
38 djh59
47 S.L.Williams
253 total

If all PhD students get that much free time, then I want to do one.
Till same time next week

James Percival

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