*** Stuff ***
Beccy wants a new career as a vicar.
Richard listened in to Trinity choir's orgy.
Percival likes oboists.
Trinity librarians are the spawn of satan.
Sarah rejoined swm. And confused it with Cath Reifen.
Sarah wants to be a Charlie's angel.
I was turned into a sandwich.

*** Quotes ***
"drinking pints of mulled wine is a f'ing stupid idea"
"but i mean harris. I always mean harris"
"my hat is data protected, thank you"

*** Abuse ***
Richard pointed and laughed at Welchew.
Claire abused my signature.

*** Stats ***
      1 ca222
      1 jcs46
      1 mcb30
      1 mjhn2
      1 rjc46
      1 sjc64
      2 cer33
      2 john.aldridge
      2 tjop2
      3 cjp40
      4 jic23
      6 dew22
      6 fes23
      6 nw215
     10 rmr26
     12 rn214
     13 S.L.Williams
     13 djh59
     13 jrp44
     17 rch35
    115 total

As this is the last digest before I go down, merry christmas everyone...


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