Welcome back to your new and shiny WCSO digest. Yay!

** Stuff **
Beccy's arse was removed.
A move to churchill was suggested and decided against.
WCSO kicked Mel.
Richard spammed WCSO again. Bad Richard.
Richard wants to drown Beccy in Nutella.

** Quotes **

There's nothing like a naked Elephant.
Mel is turning into a nerd. If we ignore him he'll go away.
Please, not CICCU! And what's wrong with sex?
Richard's bed isn't big enough.
it's a small step from compiling a list of random quotes to having
your trousers removed by Cath Reifen.
"I would snog you, but the idea makes me physically sick"

** Abuse **

Just the usual we-hate-violas.

***WCSO Stats o'the week***
      1 ads45
      1 jcs46
      1 rjc46
      1 scc29
      1 sjc64
      2 fes23
      2 jic23
      2 mnw22
      2 mws22
      3 cer33
      3 cjp40
      3 john.aldridge
      3 mcb30
      6 nasz2
      6 rmr26
      8 dew22
     12 rn214
     25 rch35
     26 mrh30
     28 djh59
     31 jrp44
    167 total



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