Well, the digest is now under new management - hello to all the old WCSOites
on soc-wcso-digest that haven't been seen around Cambridge for months.

What happened in the orchestra:
WCSO had it's AGM. As well as voting for a new committee, we voted on
whether to change the name - so as from next year, we will officially be the
University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra, or UCPO (see below...).

Meanwhile, back in soc-wcso-misc:
 - We lost the outside world, provoking panic amongst the denizens of s-w-m.
It was found again in the middle of the night.
 - We attempted to answer the question 'Neatly ironed shirts are a
capitalist device to suppress the working masses into a life of ironic
drudgery. Discuss'
 - We discussed the WCSO family tree. Harris has Fi as a grandma, and Sarah
as both uncle and great great uncle...
 - Various ideas were discussed for adding/removing mailing lists, and
Beccy's legs returned as a topic of debate. Anyone on this list feel like
soc-wcso-ex, for people who've gone but still want to stay in touch?
 - We worked out what we could call ourselves after the change of name.
People appear to have settled on 'uck-poo', although 'fucpo' was also
suggested. People who weren't at the AGM bitched about the way the vote
went, showing a good sense of modern democracy.
 - There was a random religious debate provoked by
 - Rob discovered that we couldn't call ourselves FUCPO, as it already
stands for "la Fundación Cultural del Patrimonio de Oruro"...
 - Biologists are evil. Or not.
 - WCSO is having a formal hall (contact Mark Pritchard for more details)

"----> Drink spirits drink hairy spirits." - rmr26
"Apparently the closest word in the dictionary to "Zaklama" is
"Sicilian"." - cpj40
"am I the only person who actually looks at the random porn I get sent?
I've got some great ones of Snow white and the seven dwarves if anyone's
interested" - rch35
"SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP.  I just wanted to remind myself of my
ultimate goal." - mgp28
"Shall we laugh at the people in the agm behind their backs?" - tjop2
"Uck. Poo." - tjop2 (about two hours later)
"The pink was *not* me. I have good colour sense, me." - djh59

"Is it just me or have we lost the outside world??" - rch35
"Nope, it's gone. If you ask me I wasn't too sure if it was there in the
first place." - tjop2

More digests, and web-type thingies, over the next few weeks...


***WCSO Stats o'the week***
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      3 matthew.bryant
      4 rn214
      5 ih220
      7 cjp40
      9 jrp44
     12 var25
     13 os227
     14 s.l.williams
     17 jic23
     18 djh59
     18 nw215
     20 das48
     20 rmr26
     20 tjop2
     21 rch35
     25 fes27
     28 dew22
     34 mgp28
    301 total

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