Hello everybody, I hope you've had a good week

What we did:
WCSO wrote itself an adventure game. A very long adventure game. Which is 
kind of hard to digest. Multiple Richards and exploding frogs seem to sum 
it up quite well.
Nick organised a curry tonight.
We disagreed with his choice of venue.
Becky got high
Clare found cheap alcohol. And was happy.
Chris hosted a Halloween party. Which segregated itself over curry dip.
Fi briefly surfaced from the world of work.
Paul the low doomed cellist joined us
WCSO has at least 2 drunken methodists
Oli let us give him just desserts ( I'm running out of ideas)
Francesca is now on SWM. And not as I just typed, into SWM.

Who we accused:
Harris of being just, by me
SWM of being freaks, by Fluffy Alex
Mel of being an Anti -social, by Dave the Bass

What we said:
"Ah, but he's never licked your nipples, Bet that would scare you."
""What's quantum mechanics?"
"Well, it's basically the study of very small things..."
"What, like fingernails? Or smarties, they're quite small. But skittles
are even smaller!""
"Oi! I don't know what you're implying, but grrr anyway!"
"I don't think it's ludicrous at all to suggest assessing curry horses."
"what - you cant just do wcso socials by themselves?"
"i did for a whole year - how's my protege?? ;)"
"I'm drunk. I feel the urge to tell someone I love them. Who do we
think is a rightful claimant of said urge?"

Who said it:

       1 clk25
       1 ih220
       1 mgp28
       1 rjc46
       2 ahfw2
       2 jpsa
       2 mrh30
       2 pajb2
       3 wallabysalisbury
       5 cjp40
       5 jrp44
       5 rch35
       8 jic23
       8 kjt27
       9 tjop2
      11 nw215
      12 dew22
      14 os227
      16 s.l.williams
      18 djh59
      21 das48
      22 rmr26
      33 nasz2
     202 total

Thats all foljs, see you soon.

James Percival

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