It's a week late, I know...

Sheffield Wednesday got relegated. Ha!
Northness was espoused to be great, and the border was debated.
Cider drinking is great too. Not that I can anymore. *sulks*
Percival proved himself to be an alkie.
Beccy claimed to be Switzerland.
I went schizophrenic.
WCSO decided to kill Nick.
Sarah fell off the floor.
Becky raided my room whilst I was in the shower and nicked my network
WCSO babies! Yay!
There was discussion of the bassoon mating season.
I became the official WCSO uncle...
...and entered the scary physicist zone (I'm better now)
Percival wants Karen to be his teddy bear.
WCSO spammed mel.
Chris Phelps is dressing up as a woman.
Beccy wants to see his knickers.
Mel ate his notes.
WCSO discussed the psychological effects of caffeine.
Brain the walrus happened. (and the old one reappeared!) And will be
going on the website, once I get round to it...
Sarah's clothes fell off.
Percival tried to get WCSO naked.
Neuroscience. Eh?
Percival loves Fiona. And they both grin at Sheep.
The WCSO Winnie the Pooh List was debated.
Richard built an atom bomb.
Apparently Male Oboists are disturbing. This has something to do with
nipples apparently... *shakes head*
It rained on me.
Welchew flipped. And emailed 229K of wibbles.
Beccy nearly got run over by a porta loo.
Nick flipped, and started imaging mickey and minnie mouse doing things
they *don't* do in the cartoons.
Welchew did things to sea slugs. And set fire to his room.
I assumed (wrongly) that days have 168 hours...
...but I've finished my exams so it doesn't matter!
There was an argument on the legality of fun.
Jimbo asked whether or not he should A) keep his beard (2 votes) b)
shave it off (3 votes) or grow it like John's (3 votes). Voting is
still open...
WCSO was *nice* to Richard!

Percival abused himself.
Fiona abused me.
Percival abused Yorkshire and therefore should die slowly and
Aoife's cat abused her.
WCSO abused Aoife.
There was a fish fight. (plus kelp scarfing mammals)
WCSO burnt Nick at the stake.

*Beard Poll*
We the undersigned find this truth self evident: Nick should grow a
beard for the good of wcso:

Clare K
Chris P
Fiona (thinks everyone should)
Mark N

"I do not grin at sheep, and I'm not Nick".
"If you can find sheep and get them to sit on me I won't complain"
"I've got bigger than you but my stomach isn't up to it"
"I'm revising probability generating functions. No sex there."
"I am a chaffinch, I live in a tree"
"Mmm, hemlock *drools*"
"You hold him down, I'll drop this small sperm whale on him"
"It's all getting gloriously apocalyptic around here, isn't it?"
"What's the point in a 3000 year old prostitute?"
"why do I have to be piglet, he's whiney and annoying"
"I have seen more of Cambridgeshire's back passages than I care to

***WCSO Stats o'the week***
      1 ajf34
      1 clk25
      1 mjw44
      2 cwf22
      2 jcs46
      2 sfb24
      3 deh24
      3 john.aldridge
      3 kmw31
      3 mburton
      3 scc29
      3 sjc64
      4 mcb30
      7 rjc46
      8 cer33
      9 sah51
     10 cjp40
     18 amn25
     19 rmr26
     20 jic23
     23 nw215
     27 fes23
     27 mnw22
     27 slw25
     38 rn214
     40 mjhn2
     43 mrh30
     52 rch35
     78 djh59
     87 dew22
    105 nasz2
    107 jrp44
    776 total

..but of course that is for two weeks... Hope all your exams go well
for those of you that haven't finished yet and see you on wednesday...


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