Interesting week on WCSO chat, methinks...

*Interesting Happenings*
Beccy drunkenly forgot which Mark she proposed to on the WCSO curry
night. She also invented an... interesting method of funding WCSO.
Matt Whitelely promised to bring liquid nitrogen to WCSO, but didn't.
Dr. Mark's not going to be here for the concert, so Becky said I'd
hold the party...
Nick was foolish enough to give chocolate to WCSO.
The possibility of Sarah-esque people existing outside WCSO was
Although it was mooted that Rachel Berry (CUPS Sarah) was a clone.
Cath Reifen was volunteered to be wcso couples fixer, then resigned.
The WCSO-tubbies were born, although there was some discussion which
way round Nick, Michael, Richard and Dr. Mark should be.
WCSO *is* invading the q-club monday night. And some sort of Ceilidh
tomorrow night.
James Percival sucked Becky's frothy finger.
Nick posted when drunk.

Aiofe was sarcastic to Nick.
Sebi abused Dr. Mark.
Richard was abused.

*Flame war* 

I accidently started a flame war... the net results of which were that
over half the orchestra posted this week (ie 29 of 52 people on the
list - shows there's some point to s-w-m???). Various stuff was
discussed and the basic consensus is that we are not actively
recruiting wind.  Funding also raised it's ugly head again. Various
people were rude to each other but we're a happy orchestra again...

***Who posted this week...***
      1 ajf34
      1 ca222
      1 cwf22
      1 kmw31
      1 mch36
      1 scc29
      2 amn25
      2 cer33
      2 deh24
      2 nw215
      2 rmr26
      2 sjc64
      4 ef215
      4 sfb24
      5 jic23
      6 slw25
      7 fes23
      7 mjhn2
      8 mcb30
      8 mnw22
      9 rjc46
     10 nasz2
     11 rn214
     12 mburton
     14 dew22
     18 jrp44
     20 mrh30
     29 rch35
     41 djh59
    231 total

Ouch. That's a lot.


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