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Methods in with parameters of type Tweet
 void BayesLearner.addTrainingTweet(Tweet tweet, Classification c)
          the method used to train the algorithm, simply pass the tweet, and whether it is positive or negative, and the hypothesis will be improved based on that
 double BayesClassifier.getSentimentScore(Tweet tweet)
          calculates a sentiment score of the tweet between 0.0 and 1.0 the closer the score is to 1.0 the more positive the tweet is expected to be and vice versa
 double BayesClassifier.isExempted(Tweet tweet)
          determines whether or not the tweet should be exempted from going through the entire classification procedure reasons for exemption can be the trusted origin of the tweet

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Methods in that return types with arguments of type Tweet
 java.util.List<Tweet> IDatabase.getRawTweets(java.util.Date olderThan)
          gets from the database a list of all tweets that are created before then the specified time
 java.util.List<Tweet> Database.getRawTweets(java.util.Date olderThan)

Methods in with parameters of type Tweet
 boolean IDatabase.addRawTweet(Tweet tweet)
          attempts to insert the raw (every field; all data, before analysis) tweet into the raw_tweets table in the database, if the tweet is already in the database the method does nothing and returns false.
When a tweet is inserted, it is marked as under_analysis by default, which implies that the database will be considered inconsistent until the finishedAnalysis(Status) is called on the same tweet to un-mark it.
 boolean Database.addRawTweet(Tweet tweet)
 boolean IDatabase.addUser(Tweet tweet)
          attempts to add the user to the Users table in the database if they do not already exist in it
 boolean Database.addUser(Tweet tweet)
 void IDatabase.finishedAnalysis(Tweet tweet)
          marks the parameter tweet in the database as completely analysed meaning that the analysis and statistics data is consistent with the raw_tweets table
 void Database.finishedAnalysis(Tweet tweet)
 boolean IDatabase.insertTrainingTweet(Tweet tweet, Classification c)
          attempts to insert the given tweet in the database alongside its classification, if the insertion fails, the method doesn't do anything
 boolean Database.insertTrainingTweet(Tweet tweet, Classification c)
 void IDatabase.removeAnalysis(Tweet tweet)
          deletes from the analysed_tweets table the analysis of the argument tweet
 void Database.removeAnalysis(Tweet tweet)

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Fields in with type parameters of type Tweet
static java.util.concurrent.ArrayBlockingQueue<Tweet> Buffer.queue
          thread-safe queue which will hold all fetched tweets until they have been analysed and added to the database
private  java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue<Tweet> NewTweetsHandler.tweetQueue
          the queue of tweets to process when NewTweetsHandler.process(BlockingQueue) is called
private  java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue<Tweet> TwitterStreamingAPI.tweetQueue
          where the stream of tweets should be queued for analysis

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Tweet
 java.util.List<Tweet> searchString, int daysAgo, int tweetsLimit)
          calls the twitter search API on the searchString, it gets all tweets that are created less than daysAgo ago, it lets the newTweetsHandler handle all tweets returned from the search

Methods in with parameters of type Tweet
 void NewTweetsHandler.analyse(Tweet tweet)
          calculates the statistics and analysis of this tweet and stores that in the database
types of analysis performed: NSFW, sentiment score and word count.
 void NewTweetsHandler.process(Tweet tweet)
          analyses and stores a single tweet

Method parameters in with type arguments of type Tweet
 void NewTweetsHandler.process(java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue<Tweet> tweetQueue)
          analyses and stores all the tweets in the provided queue if the queue is empty it waits until more tweets are added to it
Warning: this call blocks forever
 void NewTweetsHandler.process(java.util.List<Tweet> tweets)
          analyses and stores all tweets in the provided list

Constructor parameters in with type arguments of type Tweet
TwitterStreamingAPI(java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue<Tweet> queue, java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> keywords, IDatabase db)
          constructor of the class

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 class PoisonTweet
          represents a tweet which if added to the buffer queue between the TwitterStreamingAPI and the NewTweetsHandler and if read by the NewTweetsHandler, it stops processing tweets in the queue and terminates

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Methods in that return types with arguments of type Tweet
 java.util.List<Tweet> MockDatabase.getRawTweets(java.util.Date olderThan)

Methods in with parameters of type Tweet
 boolean MockDatabase.addRawTweet(Tweet tweet)
 boolean MockDatabase.addUser(Tweet tweet)
 void MockDatabase.finishedAnalysis(Tweet tweet)
 boolean MockDatabase.insertTrainingTweet(Tweet tweet, Classification c)
 void MockDatabase.removeAnalysis(Tweet tweet)