Class Summary
Authenticator Automatically authenticate this program for the use of the Twitter API.
Buffer contains the thread-safe queue where all fetched tweets will be kept until they have been analysed and added to the database
NewTweetsHandler a class that handles new tweets from the twitter API, the important methods are process(BlockingQueue) and all its overloads
OldTweetsHandler handles cleaning the database from old tweets so that the database does not grow indefinitely
Program The class that contains the main method
Program.UserThread This represents a thread that is responsible for reading input commands from the user dynamically and changing the behaviour of the program on the fly
input commands include changing how many days should the tweets remain in the DB, adding more swear words and shutting the server down gracefully
TwitterSearchAPI An instsance of this class represents an interface to the Twitter search API
it uses the JTwitter open source library to talk to the Twitter search API
TwitterStreamingAPI represents a thread in the middle