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The Varsity Matches 2008

This year we took our shiny trophy back to the Oxford & Cambridge Club. The full Varsity match is 96 boards over two days. Oxford started stronger, and Cambridge continued to slip behind over the course of the match, though the rounds were all fairly tight. Oxford eventually won 248–152, though our efforts to swing on the final set contributed a bit to that margin. The undergraduate match was played on Sunday afternoon over a mere 32 boards. Oxford was well ahead at half-time, but the Cambridge team came back strongly, although we still lost by 5 IMPs.

The Varsity team

Back row: John Haslegrave (T), Jonathan Cairns (T), Rob Morris (HH), Graeme Robertson (F).
Front row: André Kueh (T), Elizabeth Roberts (JE).

The Undergraduate team

We wanted to take a photo of the undergrad team, but the O&C people brought out cakes just as we were trying to do so... so here's a random photo from the curryhouse afterwards:

Photo A