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Trinity College Bridge Club

Bridge links

The Cambridge University Bridge Club.
Thursday night duplicates, cuppers, etc etc
Website also has details of ECLs and teaching material

The Cambridge Bridge Club.
Meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Cavendish ParadoXWeak Two archiveChris Ryall's excellent site features a collection of two-level openings and discussions of 1NT auctions and "ParadoX" bids (such as a 2S response to a multi with heart support).

kingqueenRichard Pavlicek's site has a monthly contest (bidding or play) as well as lots of other resources.

EBUOrange BookThe English Bridge Union.

Resource for competitons, masterpoints, convention cards etc.
Also contains the new Orange Book (the handbook of permitted conventions).

CambsHuntsThe County Bridge website has information about their knock-out and league competitions, as well as articles from past newsletters. It's very buggy at the moment, so just keep trying to load it and it should eventually work.

Poor BridgeThe Durham Poor Bridge site has flown the nest, and is now at !

Check it out for articles by such luminaries as David Burn and CUBC's Rob Morris. Here is a deal from the CUBC featuring two Trinity players (and one Trinity Director)!