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North deals  S  — 
 H K Q T 9 7 
 D A K 7 4 
 C A K 5 4 
 S A J 8 7 3     
 H A 6 
 D J 8 5 
 C J 8 2 
both vul  S 9 6 2 
 H 8 4 3 
 D Q T 9 3 
 C Q 7 3 
 S K Q T 5 4 
 H J 5 2 
 D 6 2 
 C T 9 6 



Paul G

all pass


"You call that a bad score? This is a bad score!"
the six-level belongs to the opponents...

This hand comes from the second half of a County knockout plate match-up between two CUBC teams. We (me, Jonathan, Toby and Rob Morris) knocked Paul Russell, Paul Gilbert, James Lawrence and Ralph Surname into the next round. Go us!

Toby's article about another hand indicates the sort of results we were getting that evening, so I thought this hand would seal the match in our opponents' favour. The auction is perfectly sensible, up to a point. Jonathan opened his 5-card suit and forced to game with 3C, and I jumped to 4H to show support, but no extra strength (principle of fast arrival—I would have bid 3H to leave room for investigation if stronger).

Jonathan, who was on tilt, then punted the slam, and Ralph restrained himself from doubling. I was tempted to double myself.

Fortunately for Jonathan, a spade was led rather than a trump, and he played the K to force the A, and ruffed. The DA and K and a diamond ruff followed, and Jonathan pitched a diamond on the SQ. When the clubs split, he made 11 tricks anyway.

When we went over to score up, and I rather sheepishly started "Board 13, –100", I was surprised to hear Toby's reply: "Just the 14 in, then".

My keen poor-bridge spotting instincts lead me to suspect that something noteworthy had happened at the other table. Any guesses what?

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