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Slam Bidding?

Playing in the Portland Bowl semifinal, 16 IMPs down with one stanza to go, I picked up the following cards:

S Axx
H  — 
D AQJxxxxx
C Ax
Partner dealt and opened 1NT. RHO hesitated, then passed. I began by bidding 3D (natural, slam interest). Partner rebid 3H showing heart values (might be a three-card suit). I bid 3S (spade values), partner bid 3NT. I bid 4C (cuebid, agreeing diamonds, indicating that 3S was an advance cuebid). Partner cued 4H and I had nothing more to cuebid, so I bid 6D.

A club was led, and partner tabled Sx x, HA x x x, DK x x, CK Q x x. Sadly, the opening lead wasn't ruffed and we'd missed a chance to pull back 13 IMPs. See the next article to find out the result of the match...