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HTML Validation

I've recently been using the HTML validator provided by W3C to check these pages for errors. The TCBC site is not intended to be fully compliant, as it uses the non-standard but well-supported and sometimes essential <nobr> tag. Here is an external link explaining why this is necessary.

This page classifies each page on the sitemap in one of three classes:
Valid HTML 4.0 transitional  53%
Valid except for use of <nobr> tags  42%
Not valid—uncorrected errors  5%

As you can see, it's a lot less bad than it was. I'm working on it...

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Stories index
Story:Portland Bowl 2004
Story:C-Z Tan
Story:Z Radnai

Story:Gold Cup 2005 I

Story:Gold Cup 2005 II

Story:Gold Cup 2005 III
Story:J R Monroe I

Story:NICKO Plate 2005 I

Story:Cuppers 2005 I

Story:NICKO Plate 2005 II

Story:Portland Bowl 2005 I
Story:Portland Bowl 2005 II

Story:Portland Bowl 2005 III

Story:Cuppers 2005 II
... continued

Story:J R Monroe II
Story:ECL 2006 I

Story:P A Russell
Story:UBC Auction
Story:County Plate 2006 I
Story:ECL 2006 II
Story:County Plate 2006 II
... continued
Story:Cuppers 2006 I
Story:Cuppers final 2006
Story:Loughborough Trials
... continued
Story:Portland Bowl 2006 I
Story:Jubilee Pairs 2006
Story:Portland Bowl 2006 II
Story:Portland Bowl 2006 III
Story:County League 2006 I
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Story:Simultaneous Pairs
Story: J J Wilks
Story:President's Teams 2008
Story:World Mind Sports Games 2008

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Slam bidding I
Declarer Play I

... solutions
Restricted Choice

Declarer Play II

Law of Total Tricks

Declarer Play II

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Minor weak twos

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Richard Pavlicek Contest Scores
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