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 S K 6 5 2 
 H J 8 
 D K 7 4 3 
 C 8 7 4 
 S A Q 7 
 H 3 2 
 D Q 9 2 
 C K T 9 6 5 
W    E
 S J T 4 
 H K T 9 7 5 4 
 D T 5 
 C Q 3 
 S 9 8 3 
 H A Q 6 
 D A J 8 6 
 C A J 2 


all pass




Entries and Endplays
by Toby. Duh.

I was sitting South on this hand. There is nothing of interest to say about the auction [except that we somehow managed to hustle opponents into 4S by N - Ed]. I got the CT lead. This went to the queen, and I won my ace, as my jack will form a second stop if I lose the lead to West. It looks like I have two heart tricks, at most four diamond tricks and one club trick. I decided that I would therefore need the SA onside to have any chance of making the contract, so I led a small spade to the K, West playing the 7.

Now I just need either to win four diamond tricks, or to endplay West to set up my CJ. To remove West's heart exit cards, I immediately finessed the HQ and cashed the A. Now I had to play diamonds. I led small to the K and finessed the J, hoping to find East with the DQ or West with a doubleton Q and the top spades. West won the DQ, and cashed his two top spades to prevent a future endplay in clubs, then exited with the third diamond. I now had three diamond tricks, two heart tricks, the CA, the SK, and the fourth spade in dummy was now established for my eighth trick. Alas, I had not forseen this possibility, and had carelessly played the D6 to the K on the first round of the suit, so all my remaining diamonds were higher than dummy's. I therefore had no entry to dummy's last spade, and was one down. I should have kept my D6 as an entry to dummy's beercard and the last spade.

The play becomes even more interesting if West unblocks his SQ on the first round of the suit. Now I can't win the K, as East will then have an entry to lead through my CJ, giving West four club tricks. Instead, I have to duck. Then if West gives me a club trick, I lead up to the SK and make two spades, two clubs, two hearts, and a diamond. Otherwise I have time to set up my fourth diamond.