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Safety Play solutions

 C x x x    [W E]  C A K J x   (3 tricks needed)

In this case, you can never succeed if South has the queen to four or more clubs, as he will always be able to beat East's J and x. However, you can make three tricks in any other situation, by cashing the top two clubs and then leading up to the jack.
 S K 9        [W E]  S A J 7 x   (3 tricks needed)

Here you should finesse the nine. This succeeds whenever South has the ten and also whenever the queen is in the short hand.
 H A 9 x x  [W E]  H K J x x  (3 tricks needed)

In this case you can guarantee making three tricks. Cash the king first, then lead towards the A9. If South shows out, you can rise with the ace and lead up to the jack. If he follows, play the nine. If North beats this there will only be one heart left out, so you can win two tricks with your Ax.