Welcome to the pages of the Peterhouse Graduate Society, also referred to as the MCR (Middle Combination Room). The Peterhouse MCR is a body that serves to:

  1. Represent you when you have any difficulties with college, such as accommodation and settling in,
  2. Organise social events to help you meet new people,
  3. Provide a support network if you have any welfare concerns.

The physical MCR itself is located in college in ‘D’ staircase (the back right hand corner of the main courtyard as you enter College). Here you will find your pigeonhole for receiving mail, comfortable Chesterfields and chairs, periodicals, kitchen, a TV, DVD player and game stations not to mention some friendly people to keep you company – and board games to beat them at! There are generally people in the MCR during the evenings and lunchtimes, so do come along and say hello if you haven’t done so already.

If you have any questions or concern, feel free to contact a member of the committee. If that concern relates to the website design/layout, we feel your pain and intend revamping the website, soon…

Just joined us?

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