Rosalind Franklin Building

The Rosalind Franklin Building (RFB) opened in 1995, which makes it the newest of the graduate houses at Newnham. It is separated from the main buildings by a stretch of garden and is closest to them – less than a minute from the Porter’s Lodge. The long building is separated into five blocks, each containing two-person flats on the ground floors, which are suitable for mothers with children, but can also be shared by two students, and nine individual study bedrooms with washbasins on the upper floors. Those living on the ground floor share a small bathroom and kitchen between two, while there is a larger kitchen with a balcony and several bathrooms /showers upstairs. The rooms include a bed, desk and chair, wardrobe, armchair and some storage unites and are of a good size.

RFB has a shared laundry room with three washing machines and two tumble dryers which have been newly installed in 2013.

The Victorian Houses

These four houses are converted Victorian family houses of various sizes. They are located close to the main college and have their own private gardens. All of them have rooms of varying sizes, often decorated with antique furniture, and share kitchen and bathroom facilities, as well as washing machines and tumble dryers. They all have their own character and old-fashioned charm.

2 Wordsworth Grove and Carmefield are not directly connected to the main College buildings, but are within less than five minutes walking distance from the Porter’s Lodge, close to the college’s Pfeiffer Archway and in direct proximity to the house of famous scientist Stephen Hawking – who hosted amazing fireworks in Guy Fawkes Night.


Whitstead is situated at the far end of the college sports ground, next to the Tennis Courts on Barton road. It is accessible both from Barton Road and from the College gardens, approximately a five minute leisurely walk from Newnham Porters’ Lodge. There are 16 individual student rooms in Whitstead, including the former room of famous Newnhamite, poet Sylvia Plath. The house has two shared kitchens with cupboard space for each student and a communal area / dining room with a piano. It is the closest graduate house to a small supermarket.

Eva Smith

Eva Smith is located at 16 Grange Road and is accessible from the College Gardens as well. It offers ten rooms of varying sizes, mostly with antique furniture which goes well with the high ceilings, the fireplaces, and the coloured glass windows. There are multiple bathrooms and a common kitchen, as well as a laundry room with washing machine and dryer, as well as a drying/ironing room. Eva Smith has a particularly nice private garden with picnic tables.


Carmefield it is a lovely graduate house located at 6 Wordworth Grove. It is the smallest graduate house and it provides accommodation for 8 students in individual rooms. All rooms are very spacious, even though they all fall into the band B and band C categories. The bigger rooms are located in the ground floor and the smaller rooms in the first floor and in the attic. Carmefield boasts two shared kitchens and a cozy dining room. Among the best features of Carmefield is the beautiful garden which is the perfect spot for a picnic in summer time!

2 Wordsworth Grove

2 Wordsworth Grove is a large semi-detached house with 9 student rooms, which vary in size, furniture and decoration but are all very cozy –  some have window seats, others have sinks and almost all have a decorative fire-place.  In terms of communal space, 2 Wordsworth Grove offers a kitchen and two living rooms for you to socialize in. Nowadays, the house is full of Newnhamite students, but in the past the ground floor was taken up by a nursery and students lived above.

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