Our Constitution


6(11). Publicity Officer/Webmaster
The Publicity Officer/Webmaster shall:
· Be responsible for all publicity concerning the Society;
· Maintain the Society's web page and the Society’s email lists.
· Work, in conjunction with the Committee, to ensure that society publicity is fully effective;
· Be a link between schools and other institutions in the surrounding area of the society when necessary.

6(12). Concert Manager
The Concert Manager shall:
· Be responsible for organising HCC’s concerts;
· Be responsible for producing details of concerts in conjunction with the Publicity Officer for effective society publicity.

6(13). Librarian
The Librarian shall:
Be responsible for the maintenance of the property of the Society - both music and equipment;
Be responsible for the hiring of property for the Society;
Order and purchase music for the society in collaboration with the Musical Director and Treasurer.
Be able to account for the property of the Society.

6(14). Social Secretary
The Social Secretary shall:
Be responsible for organising all social events for the society;
Be responsible for organising refreshments for the Choir after concerts.

6A. In the event that the Society shall administer more than one choir, the Musical Director shall have overall responsibility for all groups and shall, if required, appoint a conductor to conduct any of the choirs as the Committee sees fit.

6B. With the approval of the Committee, the Musical Director may appoint an Assistant Conductor.
The Assistant Conductor shall:
· Be prepared to conduct the choir if the Musical Director is unavailable.
· May also conduct part of the musical programme of the choir at the Musical Director's discretion. The Musical Director's decision on matters pertaining to the Assistant Conductor shall be final unless countermanded by the Committee.

7. General Meetings
7(1). All members of the Society shall be given at least seven days notice of a General Meeting.
7(2). All members of the Society shall be entitled to attend and vote at the meeting.
7(3). Motions shall be presented to the Chairperson at least three days before the meeting.

8. Annual General Meeting
8(1). An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in the Easter Term of the academic year for the purpose of reviewing the past year's activities and electing a new Committee.


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