Our Constitution


6(6). President
An unelected post. The Committee may appoint a new President only on resignation of the current president, or in circumstances under which the society believe he/she is not fulfilling a worthwhile role in the post. This must be a whole society vote. This shall be a purely honorary post with no voting rights at committee meetings. The president should be invited to all major HCC concerts and Annual General Meetings.

6(7). Chairperson
The Chairperson shall:
· Be responsible for the running of the Society's affairs;
· Be able to answer for the actions of the Society;
· Be the Chairperson at the meetings of the Society;
· Be a joint signatory to the Society's Bank Account;
· Be responsible for booking rehearsal space.

6(8). Treasurer
The Treasurer shall:
· Be responsible for the financial affairs of the Society;
· Produce detailed accounts for the Society as set out in section 10 below;
· Be a joint signatory to the Society s Bank Account.

6(9). Musical Director
An unelected post. The Musical Director for the year shall be appointed by the Committee and shall be the person who, in their opinion, is the best available candidate for the job. The post shall be publicised within the University and auditions for the post shall be held by the Committee. The form of audition shall be at the discretion of the Committee. The appointment shall be for one academic year, subject to review by the Committee at the end of the Michaelmas Term.
The Musical Director shall:
· Be responsible for the musical standard of the Society as a whole;
· Be responsible for the conducting of the Choir;
· Be responsible for the formation of the Choir;
· Be responsible for the rehearsal discipline of the Choir;
· Be responsible for choosing music for the choir.

6(10). Secretary
The Secretary shall:
· Be responsible for the administration of membership;
· Take minutes of each committee meeting and present them for approval at the next meeting;
· Keep an up to date Minutes Book containing minutes of all Society meetings;
· Keep the President updated on events within the society, and invite them to all major concerts.


Homerton College Choir 2008