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Chair - Cat Woffenden

Cat is in her 3rd year at Homerton reading Biological Sciences and Education. She really enjoys her role and is looking forward to the concerts we are doing. Let's make this year the best yet for Homerton College Choir!

Musical Director - Toby Heath

Toby is a secondary PGCE music student, having graduated from Homerton last year. After conducting as part of his degree, he took over the conducting of Homerton College Orchestra, and this year embarks on a year conducting Homerton College Choir. His few moments of spare time are spent fixing his perpetually broken computer and eating ungodly amounts of chocolate.
07809 736836

Concert Manager - Kirsten Hulatt

Kirsten is our concert manager and would be happy to hear any of your exciting ideas for new events and concerts this coming year!

Treasurer - Jenna King

Jenna is a second year archaeologist, and is very approachable, so don't be shy, even if it has nothing to do with her position! She takes care of all our money, and promises to try and help get the stash off the ground for you guys soon! x

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