Frequently Asked Questions: Obtaining an Account

How do I get a personal account with the SRCF?

You should visit the Membership Application webform and fill in your details.

Can I host a web site for a University Society or other non-profit organisation which is connected to the University?

You should visit the Society Account Application webform. Please note that anyone who needs to access the shared account must also have a personal account with the SRCF.

Before you apply for your shared account, please make sure that there is not already an account set up for your organisation (a list of all societies hosted is available to help with this). Sometimes accounts get created and forgotten about as people involved with the organisation move on. It is simpler for us to just add new administrators to an existing account rather than creating a duplicate, and it makes things less confusing for visitors to your website.

Is it Ok to apply for SRCF membership when all I really want is to run my club's website, rather than my own?

This is absolutely fine.

See also: Information for Societies

I need hosting for a commercial website — can I use the SRCF?

Our server is connected to the Internet via the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN), and as such all users of the SRCF are bound by its rules, which explicitly forbids any use of the CUDN for commercial or for-profit activities, and therefore it is not possible for commercial websites to be hosted on our machine. For more details, please refer to the Authorization for Use of the CUDN Rules and the Rules Made by the Information Services Committee.

Furthermore, the SRCF server is maintained by a group of volunteer sysadmins who donate their time freely to ensure that our services can continue to operate smoothly. We do not feel that it is appropriate to ask that the sysadmins give up their time in this way so that others can make money.