AGM 2014

Following the AGM held on 29th January, I’d like to welcome the new committee.
  • President: Maria Corkery
  • Treasurer: Rafa Baptista
  • Secretary: Hal Miller
  • Equipment and Ingredients Officer: Box
  • Webmaster General: Chris Murkin
  • Chief Stirrer: Magimix Gelato Chef 2200
  • Aesthetic Consultant: Jack Mead (sadly not an Art’s student)
  • Librarian and Archivist: Henry Moss
  • Honorary Snowman: Maria Corkery
  • Duck Liaison Officer: Manoj Ashok
  • Health and Safety Officer: Anita Holender
  • Chief Researcher: ??
  • Minorities: Chris Sng
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ERICS AGM 2012-2013

ERICS AGM Meeting 2013

Flavours – Popping Candy  -  “it worked”

Cherry Bakewell

Blackberry and Apple Pie

Emma: What’s an agm?

Alex A: How is everyone doing?

Imantha: You don’t have to write everything down!


Chris Murkin

Alex Aldred

Felipe Fazenda

Harriet Induni

Helen Webster

Nick and James: Are we too late?

Nick Heeley

Holly Davis

James Griffiths

Alex Dawson

Leo Markert

Imantha Samaranayake

Galane Luo

Barnaby Stonier

Jack Robinson          Late

Andrew Holt

Minorities officer: There are women here etc.

Treasurer: Not including today we have made a £5 profit.


President – Nominees – Chris                    5

Barnaby                                                   10

Imantha                                                    declined

Treasurer – Nominees –

Chris                    15

Helen                   declined


Holly: Who is RON?

(Mocking laughter, Chris falls off chair and blames lack of health and safety officer)

Secretary – Nominees –

Holly                   10

RON                     2

Obstained             1

Chief stirrer – Nominees –

Alex D                    2

Imantha                13

Chief Researcher –       Alex Guttenplan            15

Aesthetics Consultant – Hattie 15

Web Master General –  Leo (is there a webstite?)  15

Librarian/Archivist –       Alex A                            15

Honorary Snowman – Nominees –

Alex D                     0

Nick                        0

Andy                      15

Duck Liaison Officer – Nominees –

Alex D                    14

James                     declined

RON                       1

Chris: How do you say rebuking?

Alex A: Rebuking…

Equipment & Ingredients Officer (must not eat ingredients or equipment outside of meeting)

Nominees – Blue plastic box                           5

Waitrose stainless steel scoop (new)            10

Chris: Scoopurb choice!


Health and Safety Officer – Nominees –

Chris –                  not allowed

Galane                  0

Helen                   15

Minorities Officer – Nominees –

Felipe                   2

RON                     13

Alex A: I conclude the meeting 20:58.

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Election Results

Our 2012 Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 3 February. The election results for committee posts are as follows:

  • President: Alex Aldred (reelected)
  • Treasurer: Chris Murkin (reelected)
  • Secretary: Holly Davis
  • Webmaster General: Chris Murkin
  • Chief Stirrer: Helen Webster
  • Chief Researcher: Alex Guttenplan (reelected)
  • Aesthetic Consultant: Hattie Induni
  • Librarian and Archivist: Galane Luo
  • Honorary Snowman: Charlotte Bentley
  • Duck Liaison Officer: Galane Luo
  • Health and Safety Officer: Rory Prescott
  • Minorities Officer: Felipe Fezenda

The minutes from the meeting can be found here. (Thank you Zhen Lin!)

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Election Results

Our 2011 Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 26 November. The election results for committee posts are as follows:

  • President: Alex Aldred
  • Treasurer: Chris Murkin
  • Secretary: Low Zhen Lin (reelected)
  • Equipment and Ingredients Officer: Kathryn Atwell (reelected)
  • Webmaster General: Saran Tunyasuvunakool (reelected)
  • Chief Stirrer: Magimix Gelato Chef 2200
  • Aesthetic Consultant: Alex Aldred
  • Librarian and Archivist: Stephen Shaw
  • Honorary Snowman: Will Woodhead
  • Duck Liaison Officer: Richard Porter
  • Health and Safety Officer: James Brister
  • Chief Researcher: Alex Guttenplan (in absentia)

The minutes from the meeting can be found here. (Thank you Zhen Lin)

The handover will be arranged over the next few weeks. I wish the new committee success in the upcoming year.

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New Website!

Hi all,

As you can see, we have a new website! I’ve been working on this since the summer vac (honest!) but apparently was too lazy to put it live, so thank you Elena for prodding me!

Thanks to Kathryn, there are already a couple of posts to kick-start our new web presence, and I do hope to keep this place more lively and updated.

Good news: thanks to an awesome WordPress plugin, we should be able to reinstate our flavour-voting system, fully automated! I’ve also integrated the system with the University-wide Raven authentication for enhanced security and spam protection.

Do look around. I’ll admit there isn’t much around at the moment, and I do welcome any suggestion (system/design/contents/bug report/etc.)

Your (lazy) Webmaster General,

Background Info

While the old ERICS website had served us well for the past many years, there were some annoying issues. The author of the original site is no longer around, the committee is receiving multiple dodgy-looking forums account registrations per week, the flavour-voting system had been out-of-action since before I came to Cambridge, and the wiki was spammed to the extent that it was disabled.

To save ourselves from more troubles in the future, I’ve decided to use a more standard package that can be kept up to date much more easily, both from the contents and system sides. I know some of you may take issues with me using WordPress with a ready-made theme, but I really do hope this would be better in the long run.

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Freshers’ Fair and Squash

Freshers’ Fair took place on Monday 4th October, followed not so soon after by our Squash a couple of weeks later. All went well and I thought the ice creams we made were rather good.

Here’s the list of flavours, in case you missed the events:

Freshers’ Fair (4/10/10)

Freshers’ Squash (18/10/10)

Please do click on each flavour and cast your votes!

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Info for Freshers: A List of Past Flavours

In the past few…errr…years, we’ve been a bit lax about recording recipes and reviews for the ice creams we’ve tasted.  Of course, from this term we intend to be much more thorough.  In the meantime here is an informative list of flavours we’ve tried of late, roughly categorized:


  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry
  • Oreo
  • Coffee
  • Mixed Berry
  • Honey
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Twix


  • Lemon Curd and Digestive Biscuit
  • Cookies and Cookies
  • Limoncello
  • Yoghurt and Mango
  • Saffron
  • Honey and Ginger Biscuit
  • Matcha (Japanese Green Tea)
  • Western Tea
  • Maple and Pecan
  • Pear and Hazelnut
  • Mango and Lime
  • Apple and Cinnamon
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Mixed Nuts and Peanut Butter


  • Avocado and Chilli
  • Mince Pie
  • Coconut and Saffron
  • White Chocolate and Rhubarb

Bloody Awful

  • Grape Juice
  • Tomato and Basil
  • Curry Powder
  • Block of frozen solid Grapefruit Sorbet
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"Cooking" ice cream on a cold plate: instant dessert

Expedition to Ice Cream City, Tokyo

Over the summer three ERICS members gathered this photographic evidence of exciting Japanese ice cream research.  As you will see, in Japan the boundaries of our cold dessert knowledge are constantly being pushed back.

(All images come from Namja Town’s “Ice Cream City” in the Sunshine City Mall, Tokyo.  For larger versions click twice.)

The land of dreams

"Cooking" ice cream on a cold plate: instant dessert!

Viper flavour

Shark's fin and noodle

String of pearl flavour

Mysterious fruit and chocolate

Garlic flavour. Gothic ice cream is big at the moment

Octopus flavour

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Softer, smoother ice cream

As veteran ERICS members will know, making ice cream by simply shoving the mix in the freezer is fraught with pitfalls.  In particular it has a tendency to come out as a solid unyielding lump which takes half an hour’s thawing to get a scoop into and is torture for the impatient.  So, whilst the ice cream maker was out of action, the ERICS team carried out an experiment looking for a way to improve texture and reduce thawing times of freezer ice cream.  Here follows the report:


One batch of basic sweet cream base[1] was prepared and separated into 4 small tubs.  Two of these were flavoured with red grape juice, one with red grape juice and a shot of vodka, and the final tub was saturated with a leading brand of custard powder.  One of the red grape batches was warmed on a stove prior to freezing, the rest went straight into the Camden House freezer for 3 days.  On removal from the freezer the ice creams were sampled at a mEating and comments collected.


We were able to draw several conclusions from this valuable research:

  1. NEVER flavour ice cream with red grape juice.  It produces a dessert of a truly depressing grey colour, which has been referred to as “the colour of mashed elephants”.  The flavour is also underwhelming.
  2. Whether the mix is hot or cold at the time of freezing seems to have no effect on the texture of the finished product. Both grape juice ice creams were similarly frozen solid.
  3. In this experiment adding alcohol to the mix did not soften the finished ice cream, it merely made the grape juice flavour even less palatable.  However we have not given up on alcohol as a texture modulator since other research[1] indicates that alcohol does soften ice cream.  (Also our own Limoncello ice cream is perfectly smooth, although that may be due to the unusually high whipped cream content.
  4. Saturating the mix with a powder shows some promise.  The custard ice cream batch was noticeably softer, if a little powdery on the tongue.  Powdered Oreo ice cream has repeated this success, but the effect has been only sporadically reproduced.


Use an ice cream maker.  Seriously.


[1] B. Cohen and J. Greenfield et al. Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book. Workman Publishing, New York 1987.

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