SRCF Desktop Service

The SRCF is now operating a remote Linux desktop service. This allows anyone with a SRCF account (sign up if you don't have one yet!) to obtain a graphical Linux environment from any computer on the internet.

Your desktop session can follow you wherever you go (suspend it on one computer, resume it on another and your applications are still running as you left them). It can be used from any computer running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Solaris. It will work over almost any internet connection, slow or fast.

The service offers a modern, user-friendly desktop environment that should be easy for Windows users to get used to (we offer KDE, GNOME and XFCE, the three most popular Linux desktops, along with various other window managers for those with more esoteric requirements).

What our users are saying

How do I use it?

This service can be accessed through your web browser; there is no need to manually install client software!

The web client requires your browser to support Java, and is optimised for an average home internet connection (ADSL). If you would like more control over the connection, or the web client doesn't work for you, please use the standalone client.